Raw food: eating raw for healthy living

    Raw food: eating raw for healthy living

    Raw food raw food diet told by healthiergang, scholar of natural nutrition and holistic therapies, author of successful books, founder of fruitarians in your country but currently following a raw vegan diet. We met him at Sana as part of the presentation conference of his book "Eating raw to live healthy: raw food" and we asked him some questions on what for him is a real philosophy of life carried on for many years. with great enthusiasm.

    How did you get to raw food, why this choice?

    I started following the teachings of Professor Armando D'Elia, I started from studies that have been done on the origins of humanity, when Australopithecus Afarensis lived. These researches went back 3 million years, doing anatomical tests on tooth streaks, bones, etc. of the famous Lucy (skeleton remains of a female Australopithecus ed). It was realized that then, as still today, due to the length of the digestive tract, the intestine, the saliva and some acids that are used to digest, we are mainly fruitarian and vegan-raw animals, then in fact these people ate fruits, berries , some roots and some insects. Following these studies, about 30 years ago I decided to start experimenting: first I became a vegetarian, then I realized that milk and cheese are not so good, then I jumped and I became vegan, then continuing to make my own reading I found that eating raw is much better than eating cooked, because cooking causes a thermal mutation. So I started to limit cooked foods in favor of raw ones. Raw food is live food, cooked food is dead food. I made a further qualitative leap when, together with a friend Alfio Libralato (your pioneer of fruitarians), I chose to eat only fruit to see if it could be done. But then over time I realized that, for those who live in a climate like that of your country or even worse that of Germany or Sweden, eating only fruit for a lifetime is difficult.

    So what does a raw foodist eat (or should eat)?
    What I recommend, without big fanaticism, is a diet mainly made up of raw fruit and vegetables, sprouts, algae, flowers, wild herbs, fruit, then occasionally even cooked stuff, especially in winter when they like hot food. Then there is the question of water, we should drink alkaline, ionized water, full of oxygen instead we drink tap water (however the best) or mineral water, even bottled a year or two before and which perhaps remained in plastic bottles in the sun ...

    Can't this kind of diet lead to deficiencies?
    If one does it by rotating all kinds of fruit, grass, sprouts, algae and super food… it is an absolutely complete diet, also complete with vitamin B12 and amino acids. However, after the age of 50, even for people who believe they are not deficient in B12, I recommend once a week to take a pill of this vitamin. However, my experience is very positive, I am reaching 75 years: I have not seen a doctor for 40 years, I do not do an official analysis, I have never been hospitalized or operated on and I am fine, I write, my brain works! However, we must not be fanatics, sometimes we can make an exception to the rule.

    Of course, all raw foods must be organic ...
    To stay healthy it is not enough to eat organic cherries or zucchini if ​​you are then resentful, full of anger and negative feelings. To stay healthy you have to do the things you love and want to do, with the Vegetarian Association in your village I made t-shirts with slogans on them, I will read you some very indicative: "people are what they imagine, they think, know, experience and what they breathe, drink or eat ”. "Only those who take responsibility for their health can truly heal." “The real revolution is to change something about ourselves every day”.

    Give us some final advice to keep us healthy ...
    Eat little, chew slowly, walk as much as possible every day and occasionally indulge in a break!



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