Productivity: five practical ideas

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a second to think about everything you did during the day. Maybe they will come to you
two or three things to mind and nothing more. What about the rest of the day? What do we have
done? We probably used it to carry out some activities
insignificant for the purpose of achieving our goals in life.

insignificant activities have to be done, but we should do so
that they occupy a less important place in our life and, what even more
important, they don't have to take up so much time to allow us to dedicate ourselves
to truly meaningful activities. Good.
Below I leave you five practical tips to prevent these
daily activities interfere excessively in ours productivity: 1. Apply the 2 minute rule.
That is; if you are faced with an activity that can interrupt the flow of yours
work, think about how you can make it in just two minutes. If you can, the
terms and forget about it, otherwise you put it on a priority list e
you go back to work. You will be surprised to see how your productivity increases with the
just apply this simple rule. 2. Make a list of priorities that
include meaningless activities.
The problem of activities
insignificant is that each of them seems simple in itself, but all of them
together they turn into a mountain of considerable work. So the choice
right is to put them all on a priority list. 3. Delete any activities you don't
they're important.
On some occasions, perhaps due to the
hurry, we do not stop to evaluate if these activities are really
essential or if we really have to make them ourselves. Once we have
made the list, it will be much easier to discard all less activities
important. You will see how much time you will recover. 4. Collapse less important activities.
That is; evaluate which of these are similar to each other so as to make them together;
it is what is defined in popular language: “to kill two birds with one
broad bean". This is one of the benefits of putting off less activities
important so as to optimize the use of time.

5. Dedicate yourself to the least activities
important when you are less productive.
Normally this kind of
activity is very simple and does not require great concentration. A good
idea is to concentrate a good part of these activities to carry them out in the
time when we know we are less productive. That way it will stay with you
more time during the day for the most important activities. However, it must be said
that these activities should not be relegated to leisure but rather
to those hours when we are less productive at work.

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