Personal productivity: three ideas that support it

Personal productivity a very popular term lately. It comes from the language of occupational psychologists and refers to how to rework individual potentials to maximize our effectiveness in daily activities. Why is personal productivity so fashionable? I believe the answer is very simple; we live in a too complex world that becomes more uncertain and chaotic every day, so many people try to simplify their activities to get the maximum benefit with the minimum effort. We must learn to organize ourselves better to make the most of our skills, optimize time and carry out our projects. So… what is personal productivity really about? I believe that, regardless of the specificity of each situation, the methods that attempt to foster productivity are based on three key ideas: 1. Motivation. Personal productivity will need to focus on what everyone really wants to accomplish. The first step to succeed in establishing an excellent productivity status is to precisely outline what are the deep motivations and which are the important projects of our life, to evaluate how the objectives of everyday life fit in and contribute to the realization of these projects. 2. Goals. The second step is to plan goals that are tangible, quantifiable and above all achievable. Personal productivity reminds us that many of our projects are never realized because they are not reflected in reality, or because we are unable to put them into practice through small simple steps. Clearly defining what we want and establishing maximum times for its realization is essential to be productive. 3. Action. Being productive is synonymous with: “putting into practice”. Perhaps the golden rule of all personal productivity treaties could be: "there is only one way to test theory: apply it." Learning to be productive involves learning to take the initiative and act without delay. Personal productivity presupposes a simpler life in which we take control of our selves in order to become not only more efficient but also happier people.
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