Polenta: 10 vegetarian and vegan recipes

La polenta is a typical dish of the peasant tradition that has come down to our days with the reputation of a poor dish that in reality, today as today, is very simple to enrich and to prepare in numerous variations, even vegetarian and vegan.

The secret is mainly in the choice of condiments, which for vegetarians and vegans can range from mushrooms, to legumes such as chickpeas and lentils, to all types of seasonal vegetables. Polenta is excellent hot in winter, but also cold in summer, perhaps served in the form of croutons. Make a note of the recipes to prepare the polenta in version vegetarian and vegan that we have chosen for you.



Vegan polenta with dried tomatoes

An unusual recipe for preparing polenta that sees it paired with dried tomatoes. There polenta with dried tomatoes in the form of nuggets by Scatti di Gusto is vegan and easy to prepare. THU recipe.


Vegan polenta with vegetables

Not a simple polenta, but a real one Polenta "pizza" enriched with vegetables. You can choose your favorite vegetables to prepare it and also adjust according to the seasons. A very colorful preparation that will make the whole family appreciate vegetables more. THU recipe.


Polenta with mushrooms and artichokes

A rich polenta, to be served also as a single dish and to be prepared in a vegan version. In addition to the flour for polenta, for this recipe you will need mixed sliced ​​mushrooms and artichoke hearts in oil, tomato pulp, salt and pepper. THU the complete recipe.

Polenta on a bed of Ratatouille

When Ratatouille meets polenta. To prepare this special polenta you can wait until zucchini, aubergines and peppers - the classic ingredients of Ratatouille - are in season again, to enjoy them in all their genuine flavor. If you love both polenta and Ratatouille, this is the dish for you. THU recipe.


Polenta croutons with stewed fennel

Not only the classic polenta, but also polenta croutons to be served as an appetizer or as a main course. You can prepare them, among the many variations, accompanying them with stewed fennel, red onion, black olives and peeled tomatoes. THU recipe.



Polenta cake with broccoli and cauliflower

Not a simple dish of polenta, but a real one polenta cake to prepare with broccoli and cauliflower. A perfect idea for the winter season, for those who love the typical vegetables of this time of year, rich in beneficial properties. THU the complete recipe.


Polenta mashed with mushrooms and cheese

A very rich dish, one vegetarian version of polenta which plans to use cheeses such as fontina and parmesan to complete the dressing, which you will prepare by adding onions, mushrooms and cooking cream. THU recipe.

Polenta with vegetarian ragout

Are you looking for an alternative to meat sauce to season polenta? here is the vegetarian ragout based on celery, carrots, shallots, garlic, dried tomatoes and grated parmesan flakes to complete the dish, without forgetting the stewed escarole. THU the complete recipe.


Polenta triangles with spicy sauce

For those who love the spicy taste, here is the recipe to prepare one vegetarian polenta to accompany a spicy sauce made with cherry tomatoes, chillies and Mexican chili, which you will also dress with red wine vinegar. Omit the Worcester sauce listed in the ingredients, as it is not vegetarian. THU the complete recipe.

Polenta and lentils

To prepare this dish in addition to polenta flour and lentils you will need: celery, carrots, onions, garlic, rosemary and a few other simple ingredients that will make the recipe tasty but at the same time very economical. This preparation is also suitable for vegans if you do not use the classic butter to season the polenta. THU the recipe to inspire you.


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