Onion soup: 15 recipes for all tastes

La onion soup it is a soup typical of the peasant tradition and of the 'poor cuisine'. There are numerous recipes and variations for making onion soup at home.

Perhaps in the region where you live there is a traditional recipe for making it at home onion soup that you could recover. Many onion soup recipes involve using meat broth, which you can replace with vegetable soup.

Let's find out what are the recipes to prepare onion soup for all tastes at home.


Classic onion soup

The classic onion soup is prepared with very simple ingredients: onions, vegetable broth, flour, salt, pepper, cheese. It is a poor dish of the regional tradition your country and beyond. Here the recipe.

: Yum Yum

French onion soup

One of the traditional recipes for making onion soup comes from France and is called onion soup. Vegetarians and vegans should replace the meat broth with the vegetable broth. Here and here is the recipe to take inspiration from.

: Nature Woman

Onion soup and stale bread

One of the ingredients that are usually part of the onion soup is the stale bread which recalls the poor and peasant origins of this recipe. A dish that now allows us to 'recycle' old bread. Vegetarians and vegans need to replace meat boron with vegetable broth. Here the recipe.

: Sisters in the pot

Vegetarian onion soup

La vegetarian onion soup it should be prepared with vegetable broth and you can use butter or cheese as a condiment. Here is the recipe to follow.


: Vegetarian

Vegan onion soup

La vegan onion soup It does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and is therefore prepared without meat broth, without butter and without cheese. Here the recipe.


: How to cook our life

Gluten-free onion soup

La gluten-free onion soup it can be prepared without problems if instead of the classic stale bread we choose gluten-free bread, for example fresh bread to be toasted, always gluten-free. Here the recipe.

: Gluten-free star

Fat-free onion soup

To prepare a fat-free onion soup try not to use oil, butter or cheese to complete your dish and prefer vegetable broth even if some recipes include meat broth. Here is an example.

: Yummy Light

Onion soup with Thermomix

Preparing onion soup is even easier with the kitchen robot which will allow you to speed up the recipe and save time. Here all the instructions.

: Gustoblog

Tuscan onion soup

La Tuscan onion soup, also known as Florentine onion soup, it is called carabaccia. The advice is to prepare it with red onions and serve it with traditional Tuscan bread. Here the recipe.

: Pixelicious

Rustic onion soup

To prepare the rustic onion soup we refer again to Tuscan cuisine. In classic recipes, meat broth is often used, but you can replace it with vegetable broth. Here is an example.

: Chef Silvia

Onion soup au gratin in the oven

Here is the complete onion soup au gratin in the oven as a variant of the classic soup. You can simply pass the onion soup for a few minutes under the grill of the oven to obtain a gratin dish. Here the recipe.

: I'm going to the table

French gratin onion soup

Let's refer again to the French cuisine to prepare the French gratin onion soup. Here is the recipe to follow.

: The Black Fig

Onion and potato soup

Among the additional ingredients that you can choose to prepare the onion soup we find the potatoes which help make this dish creamier. Here is an example.

: Very good

Onion and bean soup

You can prepare your onion soup by adding the beans always to refer to the peasant tradition. Cannellini beans are usually used. Here the recipe.

: Typical Tuscan products

Onion and carrot soup

The onion soup is sweetened in combination with carrots, in a recipe that you can turn into a creamy velvety to serve with croutons. Here the recipe.

: The Bora Bianca

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