On wickedness ...

On wickedness ...

On wickedness ...

Last update: February 19, 2015

If to save a loved one you had to decide to have a serial killer receive a heart transplant, would you accept it? Before answering, let's think about "Does a killer have a heart?"

Answer what you want, from a medical and scientific point of view it has nothing to do, because donations are anonymous and you never know who is donating, nor does the donor's family know who the donated organ will go to. The answer to which we really must answer is: what leads a person to harm his fellow men when his life is not in danger nor are his interests?

Are we products of evil?

According to Catharism (a religious movement that arose in the twelfth century and which, spreading especially in the south of France and born from ancient oriental pagan beliefs, has good and evil as its main doctrines) man is a product of evil.  And they were so convinced of this that they even condemned procreation, because they thought that having children meant producing other products of evil.

One might think that it is insane to say that we are evil products, but unfortunately it is enough to look out the window, read the newspaper or listen to the radio to understand that in the laboratory of life, if it were an experiment, our evil deeds are more than verified. . This shows us that humanity is prone to evil and that if we let ourselves be guided by our instincts, the consequences would be catastrophic.

Society tempers our aggressive instincts

Luckily, society, whether we like it or not, is an intrinsic entity to ourselves, since it is made up of each and every one of us. It is a machine that must follow instructions to function. We depend on the neighbor who must behave well and must not disturb us with loud music at night, so as not to create arguments.

The fight against the inner beast

Certainly we will never be able to forget that blood flows in our veins and that on many occasions, during our life, our good behavior will be altered by internal and external problems (insults, physical attacks), but it will not always be so, because perhaps one day we will be able to control ourselves better and not alter the harmony of society.

A recent study conducted by the University of Beihang found that anger is the emotion that most spreads through social networks, unlike posts that talk about joy and happiness. For this we must not only be an example to our neighbors, but we must also remember that our instincts are guided by our worst enemy, ourselves, and fighting with our inner selves is a daily job. There will be times when we will let ourselves be overcome by anger and rage. The animal we carry inside can become really terrible. Many of us don't know it, but surely when it comes out, it will scare all of us. For this reason, those who feel the known inner beast must be more careful, more cautious, double tolerant, sweet and sometimes condescending, so as not to let it come out and cause damage to those who will be in front of us at that moment.

It would be nice if no one brought this beast inside, even if living with it makes us understand better who we are, our defects and our limitations, but also what we have to share, because even if Ernest Hemingway said that "everything that is really evil begins with something innocent ”Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us that“ Man must find the solution to any human conflict that leads to revenge, aggression and retaliation; and the solution is love ”.

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