Nine steps to make your dreams come true

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Nine steps to make your dreams come true

Last update: April 20, 2015

When we walk down the street, we often come across people who are tired looking, down in the dumps, with dull faces and, frequently, immersed in their thoughts. However, if you notice, there are also people who have a diametrically opposite attitude and air: take a good look, and among the crowd you will also find those who walk with their heads held high, with their eyes turned to the future, sure of himself.

Probably to this second group belong the people who are on their way to success. But why do these differences exist? What determines the success of some and the defeat of others? What makes them different?

If you have a dream (and we hope so, because we all must have dreams to chase, until the last of our days), try to make it come true by following these 9 rules. These are some secrets that anyone who wants to achieve a goal in life should put into practice.

1. Don't have excuses

A dream is something that would be able to fill our lives, but which is often difficult to achieve. Be careful though! The word difficult does not mean impossible. Your dreams are possible, but to make them come true you will have to circumvent or overcome many obstacles. Don't make excuses, it's possible.

2. Make an effort

In the short term, it will be difficult. But in the long run, you may get where you always wanted to. A difficult goal always requires sweat, sacrifice and commitment. Don't snort, but make an effort now: you will reach your goal and enjoy success or you will be stuck with indecision and frustration for the rest of your life.

3. Never give up

If you are faced with an obstacle, there will be times when you need more than one attempt to overcome it. The effort will be substantial, but successful people never give up. Precisely for this reason they managed to get to where they are now. Don't give up, or you will throw away all your efforts so far.

4. Stay healthy

Even if it seems to have nothing to do with it, pay close attention to your diet, sports and medical checks. In other words, take care of yours health. If you think about it, getting sick could make your journey much more difficult and lengthen waiting times.

5. Never forget your principles

Never forget who you are. Act consistently with yourself. If you start to drift away from who you really are, you will no longer be able to recognize yourself and you will not know why you are acting that way.. You will forget the value of your dreams… And is there anything sadder than all this?

6. Take risks

Achieving a dream and overcoming obstacles necessarily implies taking risks. You know the present: the risk lies in the mystery of the future. Therefore you will have to choose between taking a risk and fighting for your dreams, or not taking risks and being stuck forever.

7. Set yourself achievable goals

Any long-term goal can be divided into intermediate stages. Organize an "action plan" towards your dream, proceeding step by step. In this way you will feel safer, because everything will seem less risky and you will be able to perceive that you are in control of your life.

8. Be positive

Have self-confidence and accept the fact that not everything in life can be achieved on the first try. If you can't get to one of those intermediate destinations right away, you can try again in a little while. Remember: you have done it many more times, you can do it again.

9. Make sacrifices

By taking one step after another, you will get where you want to go. Perhaps you will have to face moments of suffering, work for too low a salary, give up a few hours of sleep or leisure ... But you must never forget that your dream is there waiting for you, and that today's sacrifices will one day be rewarded.

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