Natural supplements: the vegan choice

Natural supplements: the vegan choice

Natural supplements, what they are

- Dietary Supplements they are products characterized by a high content of trace elements or natural substances with nutritional value or physiological effect.

Inside the supplements we can find in fact, in addition to Vitamins e minerals, other natural substances such as fibers, amino acids, essential fatty acids and extracts of plants and officinal herbs with precious active ingredients.


Recourse to the natural supplements it is useful for correcting any nutritional deficiencies or to assist the physiological functions in order to maintain or regain physical and mental well-being.

For example, you can take a natural supplement to support the immune system, promote digestive processes, improve intestinal function, purify the organism, assist in weight loss, counteract water retention and in many other situations in which diet and lifestyle are not sufficient to ensure a state of well-being.


Although they are not medicines, the supplements are manufactured and sold in pre-dosed forms i.e. capsules, tablets, vials, sachets and other similar preparations such as syrups with measuring cups or liquid solutions with droppers.

Vegan diet: a conscious choice

La vegan diet is a diet that excludes any food of animal origin. Unlike the vegetarian diet, which does not include meat and fish, the vegan one does not allow any food of animal origin, therefore not even milk and its derivatives, eggs and honey.


The vegan philosophy is based on the principle that animals are sentient beings capable of experiencing pain and feelings and must not be exploited to satisfy human needs, rejecting speciesism and therefore the idea that one species is somehow "superior" to another, enclosing its belief inelimination of egocentrism in favor of ECO-centrism.


Those who choose to follow a vegan diet generally extend this principle to lifestyle in general, not only in the food sector. The vegan or vegan choice therefore it does not foresee the use of products that cause pain to animals including fabrics of animal origin such as wool, silk and leather to make bags and other accessories.


It is therefore a lifestyle, one conscious choice that embraces every area of ​​life at 360 °.

When to resort to integration

A vegan diet, as well as the omnivorous one, if healthy and balanced they do not need integration.

Given the contemporary rhythms of life, however, there is often the risk of running into an unhealthy lifestyle and an unbalanced diet, thus favoring nutritional deficiencies that make it necessary to use natural supplements to restore macro and micro nutrients we need.

It is good to specify that it is not necessary to wait for a deficit to start integrating, it is in fact advisable to use these products even only to improve the general state of health, favoring the regular functioning of the organism.

In any case it is always good to choose natural and ethical supplements, free from ingredients of animal origin, but formulated with plant extracts, derived from herbs, roots, fruits and algae, but also vegetables or spices, as much as possible deriving from organic farming.

Vegan supplements, how they are made

Capsules, tablets and other pre-dosed forms contain excipients of various types with different functions. Excipients are needed for example to avoid friction during the production of the supplement, tie the ingredients together present in a tablet, to package the capsule or for improve bioavailability of the supplement content.


Although these are ingredients present in small percentages, often the excipients are of animal origin. To package food supplements they are often used lactose, gelatin and other substances that can be of animal origin such as triglycerides, glycerin and coal.

When choosing a supplement, labels should always be carefully checked, opting for vegan supplements that exclude any ingredient of animal origin from their formulations, replacing it with alternatives cruelty free.

Check the labels however, it may not be enough since the origin of the ingredient used in the formulations is not always indicated.
For convenience and to be sure you are purchasing an ethical and vegan product it may be useful to contact specialized companies and retailers: this is the case with BioVeganShop, website where you can find a wide range of supplements - natural - vegan, ethical and cruelty free, chosen from the best brands on the market.

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