Myths about infidelity: consequences in the couple

Myths about infidelity: consequences in the couple

Myths about infidelity: consequences in the couple

Last update: May 23, 2018

There are many myths about infidelity. Betrayal is certainly a serious matter, which in many couples represents a turning point. However, the culture has harbored false ideas about it. He has given infidelity an importance it often does not deserve.

It's true, infidelity causes serious injury. The couple is never the same again after such an episode. This, however, does not mean that it is a massacre without solution, which must cause personal trauma and tragedy.

Many of the myths about infidelity were born and have been maintained because those who admit or preach them start from an idealized concept oflove and the couple. But we must think that in the human being nothing is perfect, much less a feeling. We are all imperfect and prone to make mistakes, to be inconsistent. The important thing is to know how to evaluate these errors and get back on track in time.

"Infidelity is not an act to find passion in another body, it is a pretext to rediscover passion in oneself."

Myths about infidelity

1. You are no longer in love

One of the myths about infidelity claims that one cheats only when love ends in the pairInstead it is not true. In this case, as in all the others, we cannot start from a prejudice in an attempt to understand what happened. It is necessary to carefully evaluate the situation and interpret it calmly, especially if we want to save the relationship.

Circumstances and how infidelity occurs tell us a lot. It may have been an accidental and irrelevant episode. It could also be a sign of an unresolved conflict in the couple or that it is time to make a change. The feeling between the two partners has not necessarily disappeared.

The harmful consequence of these myths about infidelity is that they sometimes spawn one suffering useless. Nobody, of course, likes their partner to be unfaithful. However, before facing an inner storm, you need to understand what happened.

2. Lack of sexual satisfaction in the couple

A betrayal is a low blow to one's self-esteem. Alongside the anger and helplessness produced by something that can no longer be changed, one begins to doubt one's own sexual worth and abilities. "Maybe I'm not enough for him / her?".

One of the myths about infidelity leads us to believe that a new partner is only sought when there is no sexual satisfaction with the current one. This may be true, but most of the time it isn't. In many cases the infidelities are circumstantial, that is, they do not affect the underlying aspects of the couple.

It is possible that you are looking for novelty or simply feel flattered by being attractive to another person and want to reinforce that feeling. It is also possible that you are carried away by the desire to seduce. At the same time, however, the person has no doubt about the love he feels for his partner. It's just a question of immaturity and selfishness, which are sometimes not weighed in time.

3. You must never forgive

Another of the myths about infidelity is that betrayal should never be forgiven, under any circumstances. Doing so would mean losing respect in the couple and would only lead to a repetition of this behavior, thousands of times. This is also not true, or at least not true for many couples.

An infidelity should certainly not be taken lightly, but neither should it be elevated to the category of a Greek tragedy with no solution. Instead, it is necessary to evaluate the circumstances in which it occurred and, above all, the quality of the relationship that is maintained.

One thing is true: an infidelity will have the weight we place on it and the consequences will depend on many variables, including the personal handling of the betrayal. It may be a fact that requires attention, reflection and dialogue, causing deep wounds that will take some time to heal. This duration and the creation of the new skin will depend on us.

What is truly relevant in a couple is the feeling that unites them and the quality of the bond. Even in the happiest couples there can be moments of crisis. Human beings are ambiguous and contradictory. Only if we understand and accept this fact can we understand that reality is not black and white. And that the myths about infidelity must be overturned.

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