Mom and Dad, thank you for always being by my side

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Mom and Dad, thank you for always being by my side

Last update: January 05, 2018

Mom and Dad, thank you for always being on my side, even if not always visible, thank you for creating bonds so strong that I survived all the mistakes I made while growing up. Thank you for forming a family, for sowing values ​​and waiting patiently for the fruits that sprout today, day after day.

You are wonderful, because you have been able to walk beside me avoiding the temptation, as I grew up, to control each of my steps; for advising me rather than directing me. Thanks to your attitude I was able to grow and thanks to you I have received the necessary impetus to overcome companies who, with the courage of youth, went beyond my resources.

You helped me weave wings so strong that heights that once seemed insurmountable are no longer so. In my head I hear the echo of your encouragement, with which you have given me the impulse to climb higher than I could have done alone. And they still work today, they still have the same effect.

Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me life one day, but above all for not stopping at that. Why not have done everything for me, instead you taught me to do it myself. At first this was a cause of tantrums, and doing otherwise would have been much easier for everyone: but it would not have made me the person I am now.

I will never forget that it was one of your priorities when it comes to making plans. You spent whole nights with me when I was sick and the next day you went to work. You've taken me to places that are boring for you and waited patiently for me to tire myself. I didn't understand it then, now I do.

The family is built day by day

Thank you, mom and dad, for making us a real family, of those united, of those who remain strong in the face of adversity and who do not hesitate for a moment to go up on the roof to stop a water infiltration rather than saying that the house is to be thrown away. Thank you, dear parents, for giving me the right tools and allowing me to build what we have today, what we can define as a team, a family.

I thank you because, even if life gives us less and less time, we continue to look for what makes us happy and to share it. Thank you for maintaining this priority in the face of others that the circumstances required.

Thank you for giving me so much love, so much so that I continue to love each other and want to love each other again; because you hug me tightly, but without hindering your breathing. Thank you, dear parents, for making us this, a real family: those who argue, but find a solution; of those that are not limited to frivolities and that remain tied and strong.

Mom and Dad, thank you for creating such a strong and secure bond

Thank you for teaching me all this, for taking care of me without suffocating me, for asking me questions but not interrogations, for giving me the certainty that wherever I go I can always come back and find someone who is looking forward to my return, who loves me and that will have a place for me. Thank you for everything I feel for you today, for teaching me that love and family are important pillars, for showing me where my refuge will always be and for keeping a space for myself.

Thank you for always being there, for making you present even when I don't see you, for being able to express all your love for me and for making me feel so, loved and safe. To give me the certainty that you will always be there, whatever happens, whatever I do, with unconditional love. A love that I can feel, but also see. The love that prompts me to write to you today.

Mom and Dad, I thank you for all you have done and continue to do every day, thank you for walking by my side and giving me so much. Thank you for loving me and teaching me, for helping me become the person I am now. Thank you, mom and dad, for forming the family that we are, thank you for giving me a physical representation of love, thank you for all the journey we have traveled together.

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