Loving loneliness makes better partners

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Loving loneliness makes better partners

Last update: April 12, 2016

In many moments we love to emphasize the importance of solitude, from our society not yet understood with its authentic meaning full of love for life. For this reason, it is customary to think that those who prefer to have her as her best friend are a cold person.

Is the opposite. As human beings, we are characterized by being vulnerable to prejudice, thus failing to see the true essence, rich in beauty, of those around us.

We get too carried away by labels, by what people will say, without taking into account the truth or at least the reality. A reality that everyone has the power to grasp and perceive at will.

In this case, loneliness is filled with names that lead us to avoid it at all costs, trying to get away from those who practice it. In reality we do not give the right value to the implicit message.

Appreciating being alone and in company is in itself a sign of maturity, of emotional intelligence and a high level of love towards our person, which is the life mission we all aspire to as human beings.

Being alone means being with yourself

Let's be honest, being willing to face yourself involves great courage, as this is often the source of all our fears. We are creators and recipients of our fears and, based on how we manage them, we can have more or less power, be better or worse "people of light".

People who are able to live with their loneliness and listen to their hearts have a special gift: that of personal emotional freedom. In our century, being emotionally free is a treasure; building an environment and a relationship with these characteristics is a precious asset.

People with this gift stand out because they respect themselves first of all, but also those they love. They value silence and know what to say and when to keep aloof.

All of us, at a certain moment of our life, want to have a relationship as a couple to be lived to the full. If you take into account what has been commented so far, you will certainly agree with us that the best friends of solitude can turn into perfect partners.

Why does loving loneliness make us better partners?

Loneliness favors the space appreciated by many and much needed and requested by others. Allowing yourself a few moments away from our partner, only in terms of time and space, never from the heart, generates mutual respect. Such a condition provides the perfect ingredients for building a relationship filled with unconditional love.

Those who love and need to spend some time alone understand that this peculiarity and characteristic allows them to get to know each other better and, consequently, to obtain the tools and freedom necessary to get to know their partner.

Loneliness allows us to connect with our essence

Probably in this way we will be able to accompany our life partner towards the same goal: our best version. For love, motivation, synergy ... loneliness allows us to understand that priorities exist and that we are not the center of the universe for any human being.

Being alone allows us to understand and accept life to get better

Loneliness allows us to understand that nothing is eternal, both in terms of positive and negative things. This means that we are in constant motion and change. As the Buddhist doctrine says, "we are the universe". Silence becomes our greatest precursor to be able to understand this pretext.

A person who loves spending time with himself gives space wherever he goes

In this way, you become a better person and the love you feel, both for yourself and for your partner, does not stop growing. Freedom flourishes, as does the desire to find oneself, merging into a single heart; and, what is more grandiose, they allow themselves their own spaces, the true basis of the pure and divine love of our humanity.

At this point, we don't take our leave without first asking you: do you now believe that loving loneliness makes you better partners? As the great Arthur Schopenhauer said, "loneliness is the fate of all eminent spirits."

"The man who wants to fully contemplate the glory of God on earth must look at this glory in solitude".
-Edgar Allan Poe-

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