Love quotes by Mario Benedetti

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Love quotes by Mario Benedetti

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Last update: 15 November 2021

Mario Benedetti's love phrases are a precious gift for the heart, a tribute linked to the career of this magnificent Uruguayan writer and poet, a man of great values ​​and social commitment. There are those who say that no one has managed to warm the hearts of lovers like Benedetti did, his verses are an ode to the complex universe of love.

We could say, without fear of making a mistake, that love is a universal theme in literature, especially in poetry. Virgil used to say that love is the conquest of all things, therefore, let's not hold back, it's up to us to give this feeling the value it deserves, let's let ourselves go and make room for it. If there is one thing that Mario Benedetti taught us with his work, it is not to forget the difficulties and obstacles of those loves that hurt to the point of annihilating us.

Let's not forget that Benedetti's poetry feeds on anguish and hope in equal parts. Sensitive right away to the social problems of his country, the writer has never put aside that deeply romantic side that characterized him, that conviction of love as a source of life, but also of pain and nostalgia.

This is why immersing yourself in Mario Benedetti's love phrases and in the musicality of his free verses is a way to know a real love, a love very similar to what many of us have lived or are experiencing at the moment. Benedetti, like William Wordsworth in his time, made a valuable contribution to this theme. The two authors have handed down a very intense romanticism, lived and often steeped in complicated pains.

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Love quotes by Mario Benedetti

The numerous poems and love phrases by Mario Benedetti continue to excite us even today and feed us with the bittersweet notes that have always characterized love relationships.

Let's read together some of the most beautiful love phrases of this Uruguayan poet.

1. Beyond the skin

The deepest sensations, those that remain forever in the most intimate corners of our being are not related to simple physical contact. Who makes us feel the most beautiful emotions and sensations with the mere presence of him, with his skillful words and with his eyes, well, is a magician. A person capable of creating such magic is important enough to deserve our heart.

2. Love and its privileged place in our memory

There are moments in our life that remain forever etched in memory. They are made of a particular material, which records the most significant memories, such as the moments created by love, something that could have been, but that, for some reason, did not work, because, like it or not, there are relationships that give us moments of brief but intense happiness, fleeting moments that remain in the depths of our being throughout our life, like the essence of a perfume to be savored from time to time.

3. Every moment is precious and unrepeatable

Love is not repetition. Each act of love is a cycle in itself, a closed orbit in its own rite. It is, how could I explain it, a handful of life.

Every moment, every day, every event we experience in our emotional relationships is a gift that must be appreciated. Such a gift requires intention, care and attention.

Anything shared with a person is part of a ritual where to find an exclusive meaning to the commitment made as part of the couple. Anyone who thinks that relationships are all the same or that a "I love you" is enough to take everything for granted is very wrong.

4. Love is a project, a hope to be nurtured every day

And if the heart gets tired of loving, what good is it?

Here is another of Mario Benedetti's precious love phrases. The heart that begins to beat to the rhythm of monotony, which does not find stimuli and stagnates in the routine of neutral flavors, forced commitments and passionless kisses is useless, not useful, has no value, does not give happiness.

5. Unconditional love

Love is what it is, we give ourselves to the other by asking him to accept us for who we are. The past vanishes to create a new present, without questions or answers. A simple white sheet on which to write a new story, ours.

6. Love is for the brave

Love often requires the courage necessary to get carried away, to put aside reticence, fears, doubts. Another of Mario Benedetti's phrases that invites us to take control of our decisions: why explain to others what is happening to us? Who cares about the identity of the master of our heart?

You have to be brave, you have to let yourself be carried away.

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7. The happiness of now is the memory of tomorrow

Being homesick or missing someone isn't a bad thing. Wishing past happiness is part of life, it means that we enjoyed it, that we were able to love and be loved to build those moments that, now, are an important inheritance that is part of our person.

Giving up on all this makes no sense, so even if it hurts, even if missing someone only fuels our nostalgia, we shouldn't be afraid to accept the past and understand that it was worth it if it did. made happy.

Among the many love phrases by Mario Benedetti, the ones we have reported are only a small part of the immense work of this great poet who, with his words, his stories and his poems, will always remain an unforgettable author.

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