Liquid diet: the menu that deflates

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Vegetable juices and extracts Hollywood stars have always been passionate about. «For many years, periodically, I have been eating only liquids for 1-3 days. After these pause depurative I feel fitter, with radiant, fresh skin, ”said the actress recently Salma Hayek. She is not the only green drink enthusiast.

It is therefore not surprising that at the top of the ranking of books best sellers in the States there is the new manual Green Smoothies for Life (Simon & Schuster) available for purchase on the internet.

Inside, a selection of 30 liquid vegetable recipes approved by J.J. Smith, leading author in the nutrition and wellness sector. According to the American nutritionist:

"THE juices (to be considered as an ad hoc remedy in times of stress) are beneficial from several points of view: in addition to eliminate toxins, accelerate metabolism e they stimulate intestinal transit (obviously a lot depends on the chosen ingredients).

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