Journey into maturity through memories

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Journey into maturity through memories

Let's see how to use memories to face a journey into maturity and solve small and big emotional problems

Last update: July 18, 2020

A journey into maturity through memories is useful for solving small and large problems of emotional immaturity. When we talk about emotional immaturity, we are referring to a growth problem in the sphere of emotions.

Maturity is a process that requires development; it understands the stimuli that come from the relationship with our emotions and the experience that we have put aside by overcoming the difficulties imposed by the emotions themselves.

One way to stimulate this fundamental aspect is offered by our memory and its most genuine content: memories. Let's see how they can be exploited to face a journey into maturity.

Some of the signs that betray a deficiency of this type are emotional instability, irresponsibility and lack of self-knowledge. 

Probably, faced with the amount of advice on this subject, one is baffled. We might think, “I want to improve the way I manage emotions, but where do I start? Who should I listen to? ”. Well, you can start with a simple and one-size-fits-all technique.

A journey into maturity through memories

To take a journey into maturity, it is necessary to enter a meditative state. Just what some psychotherapists do.

Sit or lie down, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Now, try to visualize yourself walking along a path. There may be flowers, leaves, trees, or there may be a barren path. The important thing is to look carefully at everything you meet, to feel the air and the warm sun.

At the end of the path there is a small hut with a door. Open it and you will discover the steps that go down. Begin to descend. Along the way you will find three floors. 

The room of negative memories

On the first floor you will find a door and, next to it, an elderly person. She will smile at you and assign you a task: you will have to choose one of the memories contained in the room. These are all experiences that have negatively affected you.

You have a lot of choice. Most of the memories will have accompanied you for some time, but they have not been fully processed. Or they continue to follow you, but you have never stopped to analyze them. Look carefully at the contents of the shelves in the room. Once you have chosen your item, take it and go out.

Some negative memories are experiences that have marked us in a strong way: they are the source of present problems or limitations.

The room of positive memories

Once out, say goodbye to your kind caretaker and resume down the stairs. You will arrive on the second floor: you will find another keeper and another door. In this case, however, the room contains positive memories. 

Go through the door, look at all the good memories in the room and choose the one that most appeals to you and has the most meaning in your life. Once you get it, go out, say hello to the guardian and keep going down the stairs.

The refuge, the last station of the journey into maturity through memories

Our journey into maturity through memories ends on the top floor. By now you already know that you will find a door. Once passed, you will find yourself in a beautiful place. For each of us it is different. Trees? Snow? Animals? The important thing is that you feel comfortable and that the environment gives you peace.

In the center you will find a path, lie on your back after pulling the memories you have collected out of your backpack. Watch them closely until you feel that both negative and positive are part of you, of your story.

After having stayed a while in this peaceful space, take a last look and finally do the reverse. Along the way, you will bring the memories back to their place along with the emotion they aroused in you. Exit the hut, retrace the path and, finally, open your eyes.

If you choose a stone as a negative memory, this can help you reflect on the anger that you have been holding back and that you will need to drop. This will also be returned to the appropriate room.

Accept your story

The purpose of this journey into maturity through memories is to accept events that have already happened, integrate them into your life and learn to manage their emotions. It doesn't matter if you are thirty or forty. It is possible that your emotions are still those of the eight-year-old who suffered so much at one point.

It is therefore good to undertake, when needed, a journey for mature people. If meditation is already part of your life, doing it will be much easier for you. If not, it may take a little more effort for you to relax and let yourself go.

If you feel you need help, ask for it. Psychologists can help you solve what is still hurting you with exercises like this and many other tools.

Now that we are adults, we are responsible for our emotions and we need to make them mature.

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