If you don't wake me up, I'll be grateful for this dream

If you don't wake me up, I'll be grateful for this dream

If you don't wake me up, I'll be grateful for this dream

Last update: December 09, 2016

You have the helm of this dream in your hands, my only wish is that you help me keep it alive, in me. For whoever speaks you are the demiurge, the creator of this parallel universe that makes me so happy. You are the truth, together we are real and this dream is sincere.

For this, now I just think that I would like to live in this dream forever and never wake up. Here I have everything I can want, everything I need and more than I ever hoped for.

Thanks for understanding this with composure

This dream was born out of nowhere, as if it were there for us to find and start generating it. So, the illusion has been appearing before eyes eager to build a future together. A future in which we both have a voice and the right to vote, but above all made up of shared ambitions and bonds that unite us for when the fog is thick and difficulties appear.

We took hands and together we created all this, little by little. With fears and taking your time, you have destroyed all possible barriers. Above all, you made me believe again.

Stay, I don't want you to go away

This dream is unique because it belongs to us and, if you leave, it will stop making sense. This is why I want you to continue to surprise me, to continue to leave your footprints, to continue to undress me. Do not stop knowing me and continue to love me for every trait of me that you discover. We will find out.

Don't go away now.

Stay to unearth the mud walls,

to cast doubts, damage to third parties,

a mortgage on the house,

the heart.

It remains for who I am, however - as García Marquez would say - also for who you are when you are with me. And most importantly, it stays because there is still a lot to hear in this small malleable world. Supporting it depends only on the two of us: here is a special language, a code that only we understand.

Even if the world I speak of we have built naturally and effortlessly, it does not mean that inertia will always be with us. When you own something, when you feel part of something you value there is always a shadow, the fear of losing it, more or less great.

You know it well: take our first plane, take a long journey together, adopt an animal, spend a birthday together, overcome stress and illness ... In conclusion, we must continue to think about the two of us, with love and without selfishness. 

It's more than a dream: it's my world.

This dream got stronger with every little detail that was born effortlessly, just for the beautiful intention of making us feel loved. And now, it is more than a dream: it is my imperfect, free and spontaneous world that helps me grow so much.

You walk around protecting my truths

making my shortcomings less profound

creating a bridge that saves me

that saves you

that unites us.

It is in this moment and in this place that I want to be, not only for what he did with you, but also for what you did for me. Because in this dream we look at each other and see each other, because here there is trust, company and self-love.

Never forget it. Is very important. Always leave a good memory, many teachings and good times. And if you don't wake me from this dream I'll be grateful, my little big revolution.

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