I will live my life until I die

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I will live my life until I die

Last update: July 17, 2015

“The next time you have to decide what to do with your life or you have to make an important choice, ask yourself this question: How long will I be dead? Faced with this eternal perspective, you can now decide what you prefer to do, what to choose, and leave the fears, worries, guilt, doubts to those who will be forever alive.

If you don't start acting this way, you can very well spend your entire life acting as others believe you should act. But since we have little time on Earth, it would be better to make it as pleasant as possible. In short words, it is your life: do what you want with it.” (Wayne Dyer)

What do you think of these words? Do they seem utopia to you? Idealism? Unrealizable in practice?

Regardless of what you think, the truth is that they are talking about you, about your life. The one that sometimes, or always, we end up ruining ourselves.

Without invoking people or external agents, we will try to make you find inner calm. If you can contemplate more, you will realize that the real challenge is not in the circumstances, but in yourself.

With the beautiful opening text as a reference point, we will take those ideas that may seem idealistic to you one at a time and give you some tips to carry them out.

We will do all this because deep down, even if we all feel negative, we believe that life is a gift, and that it is worth living our existence, without our mind turning it into a trauma. It is just a walk, which deserves to be walked and respected. As Frank Sinatra said: "I will live my life until I die."

First reflection:

Hang your unresolved pains on a string, alongside concerns that can never be resolved. Hang them up, look at them and think: "What am I going to do with all this?"

If there is nothing you can do about it, leave them hanging. If you believe that a worry is healthy for you to move forward, take it. We'll see later if you can really keep it with you. The rest, leave it there.

It is not a question of letting them rot, but of leaving them exposed to the wind, the earth, the sun, the rain. Maybe these natural agents can do something about it, but your head can't. There are no solutions, there are no causes why they have appeared in your life, even if you have spent years thinking about why they have arisen.

You have done everything you can to find an answer and to accept them in your life, but you can't find a way to fit them in your head without suffering. So, let them go. They are now in a more spacious and wiser place. Maybe they wanted to leave too, because your mind was choking them. Turn around. Do you feel lighter?

Second reflection:

There are things that are harder to deal with than worries and insecurities. There are traumas, lutti, losses, diseases. Those are more complicated to get out of the head, but you can put them in your hands, support them, without denying the weight those experiences have had in your life.

Try to put up with all of these things for a while, what you need. Withhold the lesson they have taught you, or are still teaching you, but it must be a lesson that will help you improve and move forward.

Instead, don't hold back the suffering. Let it slip out of your hands and return to the universe, ask him to take care of it and you, in return, will go on. The universe will be happy to do so.

Third reflection:

Walk light. This is the time to recover the magic you lost one day. Be intuitive. Contemplate nature. Smile. Do everything you once did, but without mental blocks.

Remember that it doesn't matter what you think, but what you do… Go for it!

If you are nervous, sad, confused, anxious, accept these emotions and treat them as such. Don't avoid them, they are part of you. They are the backpack that we carry on our shoulders, but not the switch that commands us. That is you. It is not they who differentiate us, but what we do with them or what we do despite them.

Accept the challenge of living life even if you don't feel ready for it. If we were always ready, do you know how boring it would be?

Fourth reflection:

Let's now move on to a more complicated phase. It is time to choose. We will all die the same, so at least choose how to live!

What can you do about it? Don't you think it's time to look for something more? Something that makes you feel good in life?

Now that you have left the pain behind, you may feel weird. It is normal, sadness is addictive. Your mind tells you sad things, and you often act in favor of it, it has always been like that.

To change this habit that kept you in a cage, do not wait for the green light of the mind. Our mind, in fact, is used to keeping us on guard against dangers, and is not very compassionate. Qhis is the time to do what your instincts and soul tell you, even if you weren't ready to listen to them before.

Make a phone call, read, buy a ticket and hit the road, walk or hug someone. These are things that will make you feel good. Sit down and look around. When you stop struggling with destructive feelings, everything will seem more beautiful.

Fifth reflection:

Choose. Choose who you want to be. Like a soul within this immense universe, it will ask you for little explanation. Do not choose for convenience, not for what society dictates: choose what you have wanted to do for a long time.

Choose what you see. Choose the people close to you. Choose what you read. Turn off the television. Discard, without being abrupt.

Build a life consistent with your values, even if not everyone will agree.

This life is sometimes hard, it's true, but don't let death scare you: death is there to remind you that life is short, and that you must take advantage of it.

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