I have always shown myself strong, which is why I broke like never before

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I have always shown myself strong, which is why I broke like never before

Last update: 13 November 2016

I have always shown myself strong, serene and solid. Resistant to storms and shocks without seeking emotional asylum or the right to a hug. I resigned myself not to tell my pains and my claims because I thought that failure was certain if I had not done things as established. I have always shown myself strong, which is why I broke like never before. An ordinary day without being able to control it.

I refused to let the tears flow and I somatized the emotions. They turned into what we call isolated symptoms of a disease, even though I continued to see them as the price to pay for a surrounding that asked and asked me without receiving anything in return.

I did not put barriers to the emotional help that others asked of me, my boundaries were wide and silky for others, but my emotional space was transformed into a barren territory full of barbed wire for myself.

My external forces, my patient listening, my eternal concessions have become my special emotional prisoners. Everyone had the key to access my space and for me the need to go out and get some fresh air was increasing. When I wanted to realize it, I had long ago crossed the goal line of the humanly bearable. I kept believing it was all about being strong, without being strong.

Emotions That Are Dwarfed: Giant Holes in Emotional Health

Throughout my life I have not pointed out the acts of hypocrisy, I have silenced the offenses and mutilated the need for affection. When I wanted out, all my strength was out. They had been adopted by several and isolated owners who no longer used them as a temporal aid, but as a way to transform my energy into a walking stick.

When people are weak, they break for the misuse of their inner life. You break inside, in the soul. There comes an ordinary day when you can no longer get up because your muscles are no longer responding. A depression from accumulated stress on the one hand. A panic attack on the other.

In one way or another, we sometimes seem to disarm ourselves of any kind of force and remain completely defenseless in the face of what can no longer be named or explained. Our resistance always has a limit, the one we have never been able to establish with others. Sensitive but self-reliant people need to know the clues of an impending emotional breakup before it occurs.

Poor psychological education has consequences

In a recent study, the Annals of Internal Medicine explains the different strategies with which to manage depression and once again highlights the poor teaching work of certain countries, such as Spain, and the lack of coordination that exists in joint treatment. psychological disorders by psychiatrists, psychologists and other health professionals.

Lack of coordination when dealing with these problems makes suicide a leading cause of death. In addition, it allows depression to make its way as the leading cause of work disability.

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