I don't have a cover physique, but it doesn't define me

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I don't have a cover physique, but it doesn't define me

Last update: October 02, 2015

My body does not know the scalpel; my height and weight do not define me; my life does not revolve around the calories I consume; I don't depend on my BMI to be happy and I have an excellent ability to love and hug the people I love.

No, I don't have a cover body, nor a model face, for that matter. The fact is that the people who appear on the front page, in reality, do not exist: the curves we see are only the result of digital retouching. My personality will never depend on what others think of me.

My arms and legs are not sculptural, my breasts are not very voluminous, wrinkles are starting to appear on my face and my nails are not always well-groomed.

This body is mine. The wrinkles begin to surface and it doesn't panic me; the extra pounds do not affect my personal growth; in essence, I do not live a slave to the lack or excess of curves.

I like to take care of myself, but I also love the fact that I can eat a pizza or a dessert without remorse. This is precisely what allows me not to hate my reflection in the mirror and to be proud of every inch of my skin. I consider myself perfectly imperfect, the fruit of my life experiences and my well-being.

There is life beyond the mirror

Your well-being is affected by the fact that you avoid looking at yourself, exploring your body, recognizing your feminine image. The effect that the anti-cellulite cream has on you does not define you; you have to love and know every corner of your body, and understand the reason why you have more cellulite in that particular spot.

If, every time you look in the mirror, you blame yourself for big thighs, cellulite or wrinkles, you will never be comfortable with yourself. You must create a safe space within yourself for your body, you must not chastise and humiliate it.

You are much more than you think. Your inner self contains much more than your mind can imagine.

You were born to be real, not to become perfect in the eyes of others

There is no woman smarter than the one who knows how to be respected. There is no more beautiful woman than one who has a big heart. There is no stronger woman than one who believes in herself. There is no woman more admirable than she who has dignity. There is no woman more elegant than one who is a real lady. There is no healthier woman than the one who really knows herself. There is no happier woman than one who knows her worth.

It is not up to others to judge the attractiveness of your curves. Your beauty does not depend on the extra pounds, the silhouette or the more or less shiny hair.

There is nothing more feminine than a beautiful smile and an intense and happy look. Without lipstick or eyeshadow, because a natural woman is much more beautiful.

We can't ask our skin to be as supple as it was when we were young, but we sure can play on a beautiful smile when we look in the mirror or put on a pair of jeans.

Undress every day as if your imperfect body were a poem. Make peace with him and end this tiring war with your size and weight.

The things that really matter in life are courage, fun and well-being. Only you can make you feel wonderful, both inside and out.

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