How to ruin your life in 5 simple steps

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How to ruin your life?

Find out with these 5 points to be able to fix it.

It takes a hundred years to build an empire; one day is enough to destroy it.

Chinese proverb

When writing articles on personal growth we focus on which points to improve and how to act on them to take that little extra step to increase the quality of life and make us reach ours. personal fulfillment.

However, there is an inverse system to achieve the same result, a system which can sometimes prove to be more effective.

Identifying areas for improvement can be difficult while it may be easier to analyze actions we already do regularly.

For this purpose, let's try to analyze 5 actions that ruin our lives, so in case you are adopting one of these deleterious habits you can immediately recognize them to modify them.

How to ruin your life one step at a time

# 1 Always follow the crowd

I talked about the mass in the article dedicated to the curse of success, following the masses is simple and reassuring and one closes oneself autonomously in a cultural enclosure from which it is then difficult to get out because one is pushed to think based on what most people do.

This closing process provides us with a good dose of security and stability at the expense of our ability to move freely.

If you do not want ruin your life you need to break out of the crowd to find yours.

In the future you will be grateful for not having thought like everyone else and for having acted according to your values ​​and philosophy instead of following others.

# 2 Changing yourself to please others

When we talk about personal development, we inevitably discuss the best strategies to improve ourselves, to change our habits and to reach goals.

Obviously to achieve all this the key word is to change.

Improvement cannot happen without change, however care must be taken to change for the right reasons.

Seeking a change to please other people instead of oneself is the first step that leads to the valley of dissatisfaction and regrets.

Pay attention to the changes you would like to achieve: they are yours conscious choices or are they dictated by the desire to please others at all costs?

# 3 Procrastinate as if the tomorrows were endless

The easiest way to ruin your life is surely to continue procrastinating as if there was infinite time tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

If you want to change an aspect of your life that you don't like, you need to start now build your tomorrow.

We all continually procrastinate actions that we don't want to carry out, commitments that we no longer want to honor or boring and not very stimulating assignments.

In most cases it is not a drama but it is important to make some clear distinctions.

If you don't have the discipline, the consistency and the desire to do whatever you want, just focus on commitments for which you will thank yourself tomorrow, focus on those actions that will really be able to trigger a revolution in the future.

Since we do not have infinite energy and attention, learn to dose them to direct them into the really important actions not to procrastinate.

If you are interested in the topic of procrastination take a look at this article.

# 4 Expect wealth that will never come

I have written several articles on financial growth (you can find them all by clicking here) in which I pointed out that expecting someone to think about our personal economic situation is at least utopian.

I constantly hear people talking about actions that will start when they have the money they need, when they are most stable or when the government provides them. economic certainties which obviously will never arrive.

I can guarantee you that in 5 or 10 years you will not thank yourself for waiting for the hero on duty who should have made you rich, but you will thank you for taking over your financial situation, for learning to invest your money and being successful to save.

# 5 Don't build anything for your future

If at this moment I were to ask you:

Are you building something for your future?

So what would you answer me straight away?

When I reported the story of the spoon it emerged that it is as important to focus on the present moment, to enjoy everyday happiness and pleasures, as it is to have a goal for the medium and long term.

Put a brick every year, every week, every day build your own castle it is one of the best ways not to ruin your life because you have not built anything.

You will notice how many happy people focus on building their castle day in and day out and do it with greatness passion and satisfaction.

Then find the project of your castle: in 5 or 10 years what would you like to have built?

Everything is falling apart

Why this article?

As you may have noticed, ruining your life is very simple, that's enough just do nothing and waiting for someone to take care of our future by continuing to procrastinate, not taking care of our tomorrow or trying to please the crowd.

Now we can do a reverse reasoning, evaluating if we are doing one or more of these things that are able to ruin our existence

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