How to live without remorse

How to live without remorse

How to live without remorse

Last update: 28 September, 2015

Each of us has embedded in the memory of memories things from the past that they would have liked to have done in another way or events that they would rather never have happened. These are the remorse.

Through them, we create a real hell around us, from which comes that voice of our mind that keeps repeating to us that we were wrong.

The remorse they can turn into real burdens that interfere with our well-being.

As time passes, we learn and grow, but that doesn't mean we can't complain about mistakes we made before learning to do things differently. If it weren't for our experiences, we wouldn't be the person we are today, and we wouldn't even have learned everything we know now.

Those negative thoughts, those that fill us with remorse, must disappear. What's done is done, there's nothing we can do to change it.

What can be done to live a life without remorse?

How to live a life without remorse

- Accept that making mistakes is human, and learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you make so that you can move forward.

- Make your health and well-being a priority, and take care of yourself. Only in this way will you be able to take care of others when necessary.

- Think about yourself without letting the opinions of others have too great an influence on you.

- Continue on your way, do not take the path that others impose on you. You have to decide on your life.

- Let yourself be carried away by curiosity, ed open your arms to creativity.

- Learn to see the comic side of life, and laugh whenever you get the chance, even if it's for the simpler things.

- Cultivate your nature as an adventurer, try new things and accept the risks.

- Be relaxed and don't be afraid of changes.

- Seek happiness in the greatest number of things and people.

- Don't judge people before you know them.

- Be grateful for what you have and don't complain about what you don't have.

- Wish the best for others and do not be envious.

- Share your happiness instead of hoarding everything for yourself.

- Don't try to change others according to your needs and preferences.

- Appreciate happiness above anything else material.

- Use your energy wisely, do not waste it on things that do not bring you anything or that only serve to harm you.

- Be brave and seek the courage to change everything there is to change in your life, while accepting that there are things that cannot be changed.

- Keep negative thoughts at bay and check how they contribute to achieving your results.

- Love your job, and if this is not possible, commit yourself to finding something that will give you real satisfaction.

- Analyze problems from different points of view to try to find a useful and feasible solution.

- Withdraw from the thoughts that others have about you.

- Don't postpone everything until tomorrow. You may not be in time anymore.

- Don't waste your time trying to please people who don't like you.

- Change your outlook on life, take a broader view of things and people.

- Transform yourself into the person you really want to be, and stop dragging that self that doesn't satisfy you.

- Don't hold a grudge, it is just a heavy load that cannot bring you any good.

- Be honest with yourself.

- Plan the goals you want to achieve and the steps to take to achieve them. Write them down.

- Treat others with respect and compassion.

- Spend time with the people who make you happy, and do not lose more with those who do not satisfy you.

- Stand up on your own and do not allow anyone to set limits on you.

- Participate in life instead of observing it.

- Do what you like, not what doesn't bring you anything.

- Do something every day that allows you to feel proud of yourself. That others know is not important.

- Always look ahead and never stop walking, even if the progress is imperceptible.

Instead of cultivating remorse, we cultivate acceptance and understanding towards those things that, at times, we would have liked to have happened in a different way.

We look at every mistake made as an opportunity, and let us force ourselves to advance. Otherwise, remorse will keep us imprisoned in the past.

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