The goodness of people lies in the small details

The goodness of people lies in the small details

The goodness of people lies in the small details

Last update: December 03, 2015

Small details are the basis of a whole life. There are those who do not perceive them, people who are unable to recognize the effort that others make to facilitate their lives, to illuminate the dark days and to untie the knots where there are only tangled skeins.

Good people do not go around with advertising posters and are not even used to talking too much about themselves, on the contrary, they make the mistake of neglecting themselves and thinking more about the needs of others., but they don't realize it. Essentially, their philosophy of life is "to do everything for others".

How many good people are there in your life? Chance wanted them to be part of your life and enrich you with their words and their profound humility, totally extraneous to selfishness..

There's more. You too can be among those people accustomed to "bringing light into the lives of others", those who want above all the happiness of their loved ones, worrying about the smallest details in every situation, those who want to see the smile on their face. of the people they love, without expecting anything in return. Because it is your nature, your way of seeing and living life.

Big hearts can be recognized thanks to the small details

Maybe you haven't received those little attentions that make your heart happy in a long time. However, it is possible that when you least expect it, someone will surprise you by doing you a favor or caring for you in such a sincere way that you are amazed..

It is said that the best tribute to good people is to imitate them. You will agree with us that not everyone can do it, not everyone can be good. So, the real question is: are people born good or do they become good?

  • Many experts in the field of neuroscience defend the innate tendency of the human being to goodness, it would be something rooted on a biological level, enhanced by positive psychology.
  • The experiences and teachings of childhood, the social and educational context, subsequent experiences can constantly influence this natural tendency.
  • The very act of giving, of offering, of helping should already be in itself an act capable of giving happiness and inner balance. However, not many people come to acquire this ability.

The art of goodness as an exercise in empathy

Good people are not even aware of their ability to empathize with their fellow men. They feel the pain of others and internalize it as their own, which is why they try every day to achieve an external balance to feel good about themselves.

Their goodness is selfless and asks for nothing in return. For them, time does not matter, their priorities take a back seat and there are no distances and even fewer needs or reproaches.

The gift of goodness: the details are important

Those born with a humble heart know very well the greatness that lies behind the details. He knows that a gesture, a caress, a few words of comfort or simply the fact of listening do much more than any material good.

Good people can also get tired of being good

In fact, if during your life you have practiced the wonderful art of opening your heart to others, of worrying about doing your best every day, it is possible that you have reached a limit point. It may not have arrived yet, but it will come, because even if good people want nothing in return, you still have to recognize what they do.. The reason?

  • Who is not recognized is not valued.
  • Those who are not valued sink into the abyss of "non-existence".
  • Sometimes others can get used to your good deeds, take them for granted, and favors then become demands.
  • Those who do not see their efforts valued will end up unable to give anything of themselves. And it won't matter whether he's strong or handsome, because even good people can get tired of being.

Don't allow this to happen. Take care of the good people around you as if they were a precious treasure. And take care of yourself, without being afraid to set limits and without making the mistake of thinking that saying no or "enough" puts an end to your nobility of soul.

Images courtesy of Lucy Cambell, Aidan Heune, and Marion K.

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