We can't stop the wind, but we can build a mill

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We can't stop the wind, but we can build a mill

Last update: 09 March, 2017

As we all know, there are mills that have always exploited the wind for a certain specific purpose, such as the production of cereals. These constructions use the direction and strength of the wind to produce work, in order to make that energy useful.

From a metaphorical point of view, all, at some point in life, we are forced to build mills to help us take advantage of that wind, which does not always move as we would like it. Very often, in fact, we would like to stop it and we are not capable of it: sometimes the wind blows right in our face and prevents us from seeing clearly, but other times it blows on our backs and pushes us in the direction we want to go.

Adversity helps us find forces we did not know before

How many times have we gone through a difficult time? It almost seems like a cliché, yet it is really like this: there is no storm that does not end and there is no wind that, sooner or later, will not stop blowing. After the hurricane, calm arrives and the steps we take to get out of it are of extreme importance.

“Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you find yourself facing a wall, don't turn your back on it and don't give up. Look for a way to climb it, cross it or go around it "

-Michael Jordan-

When adversity takes over our lives, we feel like we are living in constant misfortune that prevents us from achieving our goals and being happy. It happens, for example, in moments when an illness strikes us or when we face personal failures, which makes us hopeless, sad and helpless. Nobody can avoid facing some adversity in their life.

Just as no one can escape this fate; however, we must remember that we all have a hero within us who becomes stronger and stronger in the face of every obstacle. This hero is able to see light through darkness and find a strength we didn't think we had.

Remember that planes also take off against the wind

To find a light of hope in the midst of all this chaos, you must first learn to separate the main obstacle from all those little inconveniences that make it more difficult. Once this is done, it will be easier for you to build the right windmill that balances itself when the wind blows against it.

In this regard, you must remember that, for planes, it is more difficult to take off if they are against the wind. Pilots, in fact, prefer to take off using the force of the wind because, in this way, speed and impulse require less effort. In this way, they locate the target and use their position in their favor which, at first glance, may seem unfavorable.

“Misfortune is never wonderful. It is an icy mud, a black slime, a quagmire of pain that forces us to make a choice: to succumb or to cross it. Resilience defines the resource of those who, having received the blow, were able to overcome it "

-Boris Cyrulnik-

We can do a similar thing if we make the most of our innate ability which is resilience. This means that each of us has the necessary means to face a difficult moment and come out even stronger. Remember that it is thanks to the unexpected that we develop our resources and our skills, improving our emotional balance.

Resilience helps us to be positive and to understand that if we have overcome the pain at other times, we can overcome this obstacle as well. To do this, we need to work on negative emotions and not simply try to ignore them, because these are also necessary: ​​crying is not wrong, screaming helps us to let off steam and recognize what happens to us is human.

The hero in us

Whatever happens, never forget the hero we talked about before and who hides inside you. That hero who manifests himself in the form of courage and who destroys all fears. That hero who does not allow the wind to make him fall, but who gets up and continues to move forward. Remember that you will come out of that situation, that the cold will end sooner or later, because it is up to you to resist and drive it away: often, much of it is just a ghost.

Surround yourself with people who are able to give you the warmth you need. Those people you can hold tightly by the hand to overcome the void. For sure, they will not leave you alone, but will make you feel protected until you find your strength to create new goals. Eventually, you will get to know yourself in a way that you didn't think possible before. You will feel grateful and you will know that not even the most fearsome of winds can stop you.

"There is nothing more admirable and heroic than to extract value from the very cradle of disgrace, and come back to life with every blow that should lead us to death."

-Louis Antoine Caraccioli-

It is in the worst cases that we learn the most from our limitations. In short, there is the possibility of falling in front of an obstacle, but only because there is also a way to overcome it.

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