When we worry too much

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When we worry too much

Last update: December 19, 2014

Worry is the feeling that keeps us nailed to the present because of something that could happen in the future. (Wayne Dyer)

When we worry about something that hasn't happened yet, we focus all our energy on anticipating something that may never happen. In this way we occupy our mind with negative thoughts which have no other result than to attract more negativity. When we are worried, we do not fully live in the present and, furthermore, we cloud the experiences we are living due to our pessimistic outlook. Most of our concerns, in fact, have to do with something over which we have no control whatsoever. We can therefore worry as much as we want, but this will not solve the problem in any way, on the contrary: most of the time, what we are so worried about will not turn out to be as terrible as we imagined.

Worry and mental health

Excessive worry easily turns into anxiety, fear of the unknown and of the future. In this way the worries affect both our physical and emotional health, coming to generate stress and anxiety-type disorders. When we live constantly worried, our body is in a state of constant alert, as if it were always in danger; this condition, on the other hand, should only occur sometimes and not often. Little by little, therefore, we lose the ability to objectively evaluate situations and take it for granted that life hides many dangers; in this way we preclude ourselves from being able to relax and enjoy the beautiful things. We experience every situation as a conflict or something to be resolved, even when it comes to petty commitments.

Worry or make future plans

There is a big difference between worrying and making plans for the future. When we make plans for the future, the present we are experiencing contributes to having a better future; on the contrary, when we worry, our present remains immobilized because of something that, we believe, could happen in the future. The difference is obvious.

How can we free ourselves from worries?

It is important to recognize that uncertainty is part of life, it is natural. The fear of what we do not know, a feeling that we all feel sooner or later and that can sometimes become a brake, is part of our nature, since we cannot always be sure of what will happen in the future. It is therefore necessary to learn to accept uncertainty. Change your perspective. Do not remain anchored to negative thoughts or worries for the future, because you know that it is useless and you will certainly not solve the problems. Only if you focus on the present and you begin to take control of your mind you will be able to take control of your destiny as well. It will take some time, but as Robin Sharma says in one of his works "The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master ". If your thoughts are only negative, it is because you have not taken care of your mind and you have not given it the necessary time to train it to think positively ”. Allow yourself to live in the present, choose your thoughts and start living the TODAY without fear.

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