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Last update: 24 November 2015

Poetry is, without a doubt, the medicine of the soul. It is a comfort, a haven of peace and tranquility, and a way to know that we are not alone in the world.

Many other people throughout history have left their testimony of life through words, making us identify with their poems and their stories. And this really is priceless. Universal feelings like love never go out of style.

Poetry is a way to vent emotions, if we write it or, on the contrary, it can reach the soul of the reader and offer them valuable help..

We can all have a first aid poetry kit with our favorite poems. Poems that we identify with in a particular way and that we can read when we are alone, with a good cup of tea or while watching the sunset or the sea.

On this occasion, we offer you a first aid kit of poems, hoping that you like them and help you..

Do not give up - Mario Benedetti

even if you lack the strength

even if you feel like you have no more goals to reach
and may your dreams all come true.
Take them back and start making them again

Never despair. Life always offers a new beginning.

There are always stones and obstacles in the way, not just for you, but for everyone. Certainly there will be moments in which you will feel without strength, there will be sad days, very sad, but never forget that "it's not bad that it lasts a hundred years".

Every difficulty, every adverse circumstance, is an opportunity to continue growing.

Wayfarer there is no path - Antonio Machado

Wayfarer are your footsteps
the path and nothing else;
Wayfarer there is no path
the path is made by walking.

We don't have to hide out of fear.

Sitting on the sofa for fear of living, of discovering, of being deceived… If we did, we would certainly live a life without suffering, but in the meantime we would have missed out on a lot of wonderful things.

Walk and discover all that the path of life has in store for you.

Remorse - Jorge Luis Borges

I have committed the worst of sins
that a man can commit, I have not been
happy. Than the glaciers of forgetfulness
may overwhelm me and disperse me without mercy. 

The sure thing is that we must be happy above all else.

We have to try. When a storm arrives, we must face it with integrity and strength, that inner strength that helps and protects us. But when the storm passes, we must try to be happy, happy with the little things.

Enjoy life, feel emotions, laugh! It would be a shame to look back and complain about the past, and to think that you could really have been much happier.

How? Simply pushing away the people who did not bring anything good and welcoming those who instead made you feel happy, taking the reins of your life at a certain moment and changing the situations you did not like. Don't wait for life, live it!

Happiness is also a form of life!

Poem 20 - Pablo Neruda

I don't love her anymore, it's true, but how much I loved her.
My voice was looking for the wind to reach his ears ...

I don't love her anymore, it's true, but maybe I still love her.
Loving is so short, forgetting is so long.

Love Hurts. Falling out of love is even harder to explain than love, although there are great poems that shape our feelings in a unique and wonderful way.

For this reason, if you are experiencing lack of love, read any poem and you will understand that you are not alone, that many have experienced the same situation.. You will certainly feel comforted.

Do as the sun - Miguel de Unamuno

Don't cling to the past or sad memories.

Do not open the wound that has already healed.

Do not relive past pain and suffering.

What happened, happened ...

Be like the sun that rises every day,

without thinking about the night that has passed.

Can more truth be concentrated in so few words? One thing is certain, we must not cling to the past. The past is past, period. Don't get into a spiral of negative thoughts. Work on your emotional intelligence.

Focus on the present and enjoy every moment of your daily life!

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