How to fight anxiety: 10 tips

    How to fight anxiety: 10 tips

    There are dozens of definitions to describe theanxiety but sufferers are likely to associate it with recurring and unwanted worries, insomnia, and difficulty concentrating. Anxiety is a state that can become exasperating and distressing. For this reason it is not strange that many people are looking for effective methods of treating anxiety.

    In addition to drugs for the treatment of anxiety, there are other much more natural options whose effect is maintained over time.

    1. Psychotherapy

    Unless you have already tried everything and are at the limit of your strength, it would be better if you tried psychotherapy. In fact, it has been shown that the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy it is one of the most effective treatments in curing anxiety. Its benefits take a little while in
    occur but are much more stable than the effects of medicines.

    1. Relaxation and breathing exercises

    When was the last time you became aware of your breathing? Did you know that when you feel anxious one of the first physiological parameters that are changed is breathing; which becomes shorter, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen going to the brain? Breathing and relaxation exercises have been shown to be a very effective technique for combating anxiety and are so simple to do that once you learn them you can do them yourself at home.

    1. Accommodation

    Sleep is a biological imperative; in fact, it is no coincidence that in popular wisdom there is a saying that reads more or less that: 'when we have a problem it is better to consult with the pillow'. The sleep it allows us to recover strength by eliminating the symptoms of fatigue and even helps us to find new solutions to problems. Finally, you will need to change your habits before going to bed to make sure that your sleep is as deep as possible.

    1. Exercise

    Regardless of whether exercise is good for us from an overall health perspective, the hormones we release also help us feel more relaxed and happy. Then, thephysical activity is an excellent natural treatment for anxiety.

    1. Balanced diet

    Did you know there are some foods that cause anxiety and others that mitigate the symptoms? Make sure you consume adequate amounts of every day Vitamin B and fatty acids such as omega 3, as well as reducing your consumption of energy drinks and coffee.

    Also, if you stay hydrated, you will help your body eliminate toxins and this will allow you to increase your concentration. Always remember that fatigue paves the way for anxiety and this will make you feel good "just" by consuming a lot of carbohydrates and fats (but feeling good does not mean being healthy; then, you will have to start thinking that everything you eat affects your mood).

    1. Do Yoga

    This millenary practice combines physical activity with relaxation and breathing, and for this reason it is one of the most effective treatments for cure anxiety. Practicing yoga has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve breathing, and as a result, eliminate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

    1. Acupuncture

    This more than 5.000-year-old tradition has been accepted by Western medicine and offers good results. It is known that by stimulating certain key points in the body it is possible to increase the production of endorphins and this will make us happier and more relaxed.

    1. Medicinal herbs

    Instead of using traditional medicines, you can try some medicinal herbs. Currently there are several options, both for use in natural form and for making infusions. Some of the most useful medicinal herbs for treating anxiety are: the coffee, valerian and ginko biloba.

    1. Massage

    In addition to reducing muscle tension, it has been shown that the massages they are very relaxing. For example, the Swedish massage effectively contributes to reducing the levels of cortisol and arginine-vasopresin, two hormones that are associated with stress.

    1. Spirituality

    Learning Yoga, meditation or simply contemplating the sunset… These are all things that help to combat anxiety, because the essential factor is to open up to the experience and withdraw from the daily routine. The secret lies in learning to enjoy the little things that life gives us every day.

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