How to manage the anxiety caused by change

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In the popular imagination, a picture has been created that associates theanxiety to negative, unpleasant and dangerous circumstances. However, even positive situations can cause a good deal of anxiety. Who has never felt anxious about a promotion at work or expecting the birth of a child?

Changes, regardless of whether they are negative or positive, tend to generate fear and anxiety. This happens because we are forced to leave our environment in which we feel comfortable and protected to face an unknown situation. Of course, at this point you may be wondering how you can manage the anxiety generated by change. Fortunately, there are some very simple techniques that will help you achieve your goal.

  1. Write down the causes of your anxiety

What scares you? What are the consequences that worry you? What could happen to you in the worst case? Put everything on a sheet and then reread all the points one by one. What are the chances that your fears will materialize? Surely you will realize that you are exaggerating the possible consequences of the change a little. In your mind you have created a story that terrifies you but which is very unlikely.

  1. Breathe

When we are stressed, afraid or anxious, our breathing tends to become shorter and irregular. Therefore, if you are feeling particularly anxious, take a deep breath, count to six as you inhale and to eight when you exhale. Repeat it at least ten times. You will see that at the end you
you will feel much more relaxed.

  1. Exercise regularly

Walking or running are great exercises for anxiety sufferers, especially if you choose a green and relaxing environment as a backdrop. The hormones that are released during exercise will not only allow you to feel more relaxed but also happier. When you feel particularly anxious, you simply have to choose to take an energetic walk in the trees, in nature or by the sea.

  1. Recall your positive memories

Anxiety generally appears when focusing on future situations that could destabilize. An excellent way to manage anxiety is to look back and remember situations in which we felt safe and happy.

  1. Avoid stimulants

During the transition period corresponding to the current change, avoid consuming stimulants such as coffee, cola, energy drinks and nicotine. This way you will feel more relaxed.

Remember that change scares us because we see it as a huge and threatening "whole", but if you manage to divide it into many small portions you will realize that it is not that difficult to deal with.

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