Happiness is made up of small moments of joy

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Happiness is made up of small moments of joy

Last update: February 26, 2016

Maybe everyone knows what happiness is, but defining it is not easy. What is happiness? What is it made of? Is it always inside of us or is it made of small pieces that touch our soul when we least expect it and also when we go looking for them? Why, instead of complaining and telling ourselves that we are not happy, do we not manufacture our own happiness?

Perhaps happiness is not a circumstance at all, but an attitude. Perhaps it does not depend so much on the money and material goods we have, on how the work goes there, on the economic availability we enjoy. Perhaps happiness depends on aspects as simple as enjoying a sunny day in the company of loved ones, walking hand in hand with your grandson or child or eating a good piece of chocolate cake. What do you think about it?

“Happiness is internal, not external; and therefore it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are ”.

-Henry Van Dyke-

What is happiness?

It's obvious that each of us has our own concept of happiness. However, sometimes when life tests us, we realize that many of the pieces that made up the puzzle of our life have changed.

Those bits and pieces aren't made of material things, they don't depend on feeling the most beautiful at the party or who knows what else. From now on, being able to see the sunlight every day or smell the scent of flowers has acquired a new dimension ...

"My happiness lies in appreciating what I have without craving for what I don't have"

-Leo Tolstoy-

A nice list of happiness, made up of little bits of cheer

It is likely that each of us has our own list, and among them all, we could make up an endless list. However, in the meantime, do you agree with these statements about happiness, the one that gives us life in small, but delicious bites?

  • Waking up at midnight and seeing on the alarm clock that there are still 5 hours before you have to get up. There is no greater pleasure than being able to enjoy sleep. Sleep is a source of well-being for our body and mind.
  • Eat a chocolate brownie while kissing us on the cheek. Chocolate and kisses ... Is there anything better? Endorphins as well!
  • Feel the embrace of that child we love so much. Children have an unrivaled ability to make us feel loved and, therefore, happy. Feel fully the embrace of that child you love so much and keep that moment forever in your heart.
  • See our favorite movie while eating candy, chocolate and popcorn. Films distract us, they make us escape from our reality which, at times, we don't like very much. When you are going through a moment like this, put on a movie. A very simple way to enjoy a small portion of happiness.
  • Laugh out loud for a joke. Laughing is really good! Laugh out loud and you will see how happiness takes hold of you and your defenses increase! Laughter, in fact, is an excellent ally of happiness and, therefore, of health.
  • Do what we like best without haste or stress: cooking, walking, cycling or skating. Why stress even in moments of relaxation?
  • Feel a sincere hug. Is there something healthier, more sincere and that fills us so much with happiness than a simple hug? Hugs are a great communication channel for pleasant emotions and sensations.
  • Listen to our favorite music at full volume. Music is a balm for our soul. It was demonstrated that music is able to awaken the endorphins of happiness. Enjoy the music!
  • Spending time with friends. Being in contact with others, as long as they are good and positive people for us, helps us to better deal with difficult times.

The moral of today… don't you think that happiness is much closer than you thought? Just wanting to be happy. Go in search of those moments that make you feel good and enjoy them ... Learn to be happy!

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