Five categories of people to avoid

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Five categories of people to avoid

Last update: 18 March, 2016

By the term healthy interpersonal relationships we mean those that generate daily personal growth in us. However, there is another type of relationship or person with totally opposite effects, which lead us to reach a state of stillness and fear.

It is right to have the tools and knowledge available to create a healthy and emotionally safe environment. In this regard, today we will share with you 5 categories of people who are best left alone, to focus on the people who are really worth having next to you.

"Being in company is not being with someone, but being in someone"

-Antonio Porchia-

People who like to be the center of attention

It's about people known for their tendency to implement actions and situations aimed at generating scandals and attracting attention in an unmotivated way. If you have such people in front of you, it is advisable not to play their game and to remain calm, avoiding getting involved in their plays.

In general, their behavior is due to a lack of security or contempt for their own person. For this reason, they will raise the volume of their screams whenever they try to get your attention.

Don't allow them to hit you, get away from them and continue on your way. Otherwise, what you get will be frustrating, and you will probably be wasting an unnecessary waste of energy.

People in constant disagreement with you

It can happen, sooner or later in life, to experience what it means to be a part of a company that does nothing but humiliate us, despise us or simply disrespect us, for no reason whatsoever.

It can happen because we know that each of us is in a specific phase of personal growth. Those who have no self-awareness will probably try not to make us feel good.

Avoid wasting time trying to change these people in an effort to gain their approval. It is good to understand that each of us is responsible for our own way of acting, feeling or living. Consequently, we have no responsibility to please anyone. Keep this vital concept in mind, accepting that we are not all the same and that we do not all need the same experiences.

The pessimists who nullify hope

Don't talk to those who laugh and make fun of your dreams and desires. With their sarcastic comments and low expectations, these people are looking for nothing more than diminish your potential and cause you to lose faith in yourself. What they aspire to is achieving their own pleasure at your expense.

When you find yourself having to reach your goals and dreams, it is good to remember that your abilities are not limited by the opinions of others. Don't stop dreaming and be hopeful. If there is a need to reject the opinions of others and the limits that you have not imposed on yourself, do it.

The trick to bringing out the best version of yourself is to see yourself as bigger than others see you.

Manipulative people

Manipulative people will try to impose their point of view on you and control your thoughts with their negativity. It is not difficult to recognize them in order to avoid them: they stand out because they are people who are too focused on themselves.

Another characteristic of manipulative people is that they surround themselves exclusively with individuals that they can use to obtain their own benefits. If you need their help, they will likely deny you or claim that they are too busy.

People who believe you need to be different without forgiving your mistakes

Many of us have lived alongside people unable to feel how much we have grown, matured and changed. They insist on basing their judgment on some typical mental patterns of children, judging us. When this happens, it is easy to believe in the veracity of their claims and to agree with them: we ourselves are aware of how true those errors have been in the past.

Only you know what happens inside you. It is evident that wasting time trying to control what others think of you is absolutely pointless.

You cannot control what others think of you, but you have the ability to decide what to do with their opinions. Remember, we learn from our mistakes, they are the basis of any personal growth project.

Do not allow those in your social security unit to continually judge you for past events, do not allow them to remind you of the mistakes you have made without forgiving you. Ask yourself the question: why not leave these people in the past and make the future more positive?

"If you ask me if I like your company, the answer is: Yes. If you want to know if I can live without you, the answer is: Yes."

-Paulo Coelho-

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