Don't beg for anyone's attention, much less love

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Robert Maurer

Don't beg for anyone's attention, much less love

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Last update: December 14, 2021

Do not beg for love to those who have no time for you, to those who think only of themselves. Don't ever do it. You don't deserve someone who makes you feel invisible and insignificant with his indifference. You deserve someone who with his attention makes you feel important and present.

Love must be shown, never beg. Having to do it is the most faithful reflection of emotional injustice, of the imbalance that characterizes the feeling at the base of a relationship.

You deserve someone who speaks little, but does a lot. You do not deserve someone who looks for you only when he needs it, but someone who is by your side even when you need it and not only when he is moved by interest. You deserve someone who, without expecting anything, carries you inside, feels you and makes you feel important in their life.

They say that there is no lack of time, but a lack of interest, because when a person really wants, dawn becomes day, Tuesday becomes Saturday and a moment becomes opportunity.

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