Do not ask luck what only commitment can give

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Do not ask luck what only commitment can give

Last update: 21 March, 2016

To achieve something we want with all our strength, the first step is always to show that we have the initiative and want to commit ourselves to achieving the goal.. Luck can affect our successes, we are in fact surrounded by the conditions and consequences of our actions, but commitment will always be the main factor.

The will we add to our intelligence, creativity and work, for example, will allow our goal to get closer and closer, allowing us to carry out the projects we most desire.. Trusting luck can help, but only if we're willing to take advantage of it.

The right attitude is the best friend of commitment

Setting our minds on the idea that we will only be successful if we work hard is as wrong as thinking that luck alone will do the job for us. In other words, it is useful to immediately accept the idea of ​​being able to be successful or not, despite the effort and commitment we dedicate to achieving our goal.

The reality is that our results are not always what we deserve, and we must also be well aware of the fact that we cannot get everything we want, even with all our efforts. We have personal and social limits: commitment is an important factor, but that's not all.

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