Distance is not always oblivion

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Distance is not always oblivion

Last update: February 08, 2016

I'm leaving, because I have to work somewhere else; I'm leaving, because I carry you inside my heart, you know it, you know that your memory is inside me, it is part of my being, I love you and I will not forget you. You know that I love you, that I will listen to you when you need it, that we can close the distance with words, that the distance is only empty, it is nothing. It is a lesson that we must learn in order to live.

I will never forget that time we spent a whole afternoon laughing at some nonsense at your house, I will not forget our travels to the end of the world, I will not forget that I love you as I have never loved anyone, and I will absolutely never forget your smile.

"Only we know how to stay apart together ..."

(Julio Cortazar)

The separations we live in

Life prepares us for many surprises, which sometimes come in the form of separations; these seem interminable when we live them, but they are, at the same time, a test of strength and a beginning. Self your partner has to go to work away, maybe it's time to strengthen the relationship, to make you feel closer through whispered words even in the middle of the night, surprises and caresses between the lines.

A friend may be far away, but distance does not necessarily mean the end of friendship; friends are always on our mind and we are on theirs. Somehow, at the most opportune moment, a memory will make us smile.

If we don't fight, if we don't try our best, Distance can close a couple or friendship relationship and generate an abyss of oblivion. Nowadays, there are many ways to reduce the distance: internet, telephone, plane travel, etc. A combination of these elements can allow us to keep a friendship or a love story alive, without the distance turning into oblivion.

“Don't fear fate, don't fear distance. My heart is in your soul because I am always very close to your love ”.

(Celeste Carballo)

How to make a long distance relationship work

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is a tall order, it's true, but it's possible if both people have the maximum willpower to maintain the bond. If the relationship is real and sincere, it will emerge strengthened; if, on the other hand, it is not, the distance will destroy it hopelessly. Now we are going to give you 5 tips to keep the relationship alive:

Be very sincere

In all relationships, communication, honesty and sincerity are very important; however, even if we are separated by a distance of many kilometers, it is necessary to make a further effort, so that the relationship continues and makes us happy.

On the one hand, before the person leaves, we need to make an examination of conscience and understand what we want, what we want from this relationship. This reflection must be very sincere, we cannot deceive ourselves. On the other side, it is necessary to tell the partner that we love him and explain to him how we would like the relationship to work with distance.

The need to be honest and sincere must be respected throughout the period of separation: you must be able to tell your partner how you feel, even when you are not well. It is important not to hide behind a facade of well-being when in reality you are sad, as no one can guess what happens to you.

Trust each other

Trust in the other is essential to keep the relationship at a distance. You may be experiencing moments of despair, but you have to stay calm, breathe and calm down.

If you call and don't get an immediate response, it doesn't mean anything - it may just be that the other person is busy, can't speak, got confused by the time zone, and is sleeping. A thousand situations can occur, therefore don't let your imagination fly and give things time.

Seek support from people who love you

Life doesn't end because someone you love leaves, so have fun. Go out with your friends, tell them what worries you and forget the distance for a moment. Share your thoughts with your family so that they protect you and make you feel their presence.

Maintain communication

Communication with the other person is essential. You can choose a day of the week in which to talk, you can write e-mails or WhatsApp messages, you can send photos or songs; in short, you can create a relationship that strengthens despite the distance.

Plan visits

The hope of seeing the other person again must be fulfilled by planning when and where you will meet again. Plan visits, the activities you will do, the places you will see, keep hope alive. And when you meet again, make the most of your time together, show all your affection and your love and make sure that the distance is not oblivion.

"There is no distance that can keep two lovers apart for a long time"

(George Washington)

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