Change your life? Here's where to start!

Life is an experiment: if you want to change, you have to experiment. Here are 3 steps to make profound and permanent changes.

Change your life? Here's where to start!

"When it seems impossible and you are ready to give up, victory is near."

Anthony Robbins.

These days our country and our society are going through important changes. Many, in these hours, are trying to grab merits that they do not have, but the reality is quite different: the crisis was engineered outside of Spain, and the change was induced through one of the most classic management techniques, the burning platform strategy (re-read Tyler Durden's 8th Rule).

I have never discussed my political and economic views on this blog, and it is not my intention to start today. The GetPersonalGrowth Blog has different objectives and the Spanish blogosphere is already full of spaces dedicated to national sport: the political controversy.

But I want to take advantage of this article, which starts from reflections on recent events, to talk to you about how to make a profound change e lasting in your life, but mostly to discuss from where to start this change.

How can you change the world if you can't change yourself?

Recent events have made me reflect on how often we give enormous importance to national and supranational changes over which we basically have little control, forgetting instead that whatever the external conditions are, we are the architects of our own. personal revolutions.

Don't get me wrong, mine is not social indifference, however I find it paradoxical that some people waste enormous energy in futile controversies, professing to want to change society and the world, when in reality they are not even able to change their life.

I may be a utopian, but I am convinced that there can be no radical changes in society, if first individuals are not willing to take the responsibility of changing themselves.

Miiiiih… André! Heavy! Isn't it that this weekend you rolled a cannon using the pages of Marx's “Capital” as maps and the cover of Smith's “The Wealth of Nations” as a filter ?!

Quiet, quiet, a few more lines (of text) and let's go back to talking about personal growth and practical techniques to achieve it.

If you agree with me that before we change the world, we must be able to change ourselves, the next question arises: where do I start ?!

The first step to change your life

Within the blog I have already spoken numerous times about this theme; here are some sample articles:

  • "3 questions that can change your life".
  • "Change your life in 21 days".
  • "10 habits to change your life".
  • "Just do it! 5 things you can start doing today to change your life “.

Exploring the blogosphere niche dedicated to personal growth, I'm sure you'll find dozens of articles with lists of advice to change your life. But do we really need yet another list of discounted tips to revolutionize our life?

All these tips and techniques can overwhelm us, leaving us with a sense of helplessness and inevitability. Another thing that para-gurus of personal growth often forget is that we are not all the same, but on the contrary we are wonderfully different from each other. This means that what works for me doesn't necessarily work for you. Bad news?! Quite the opposite! If we thought we were the problem, in reality, most likely, we have not yet found the "life change" technique that is most congenial to us.

Very good GetPersonalGrowth: all clear so far… but you still haven't told me what this first step is to change your life! I'm not here to remove leopards!

Are you sure you have not yet guessed the first step to change your life ?! After all it's not that difficult! Come on, I'll give you a little help: it starts with HOPE and ends with LYING ;-)

La personal growth it is above all: experimentation.

Only theexperience in fact it can teach us something: it will not be a blog article or a personal growth book that will change our life, but only and only our experience of certain techniques. But there is a way and way to experiment.

How to experiment to change

Whenever we want to change our life or more simply we want to change a little something, we focus obsessively on results. If we don't get the results we want in a very short time, we quickly lose motivation and conclude that the proven technique simply doesn't work!

This attitude is the main cause of our failures: we try to change, but not really convinced that it will work. Indeed ... we are almost happy that it did not work: in this way we can continue to think that after all it is not our fault if things go wrong, but the responsibility lies with the bad and unpleasant world.

I remember that when I was in middle school, our prof. one day he brought some sprouts to class and to explain a science lesson, he asked us to put the sprouts in a plastic cup with some cotton wool and water it daily.

Despite our care, the water and the sun, nothing happened for several days; but we had faith in our prof. and we continued to look after our shoots; a few days later we began to see the first changes and after a few weeks a plant was born out of nowhere.

As I have already explained to you in this article on the lies of personal growth gurus, change is never linear: there are moments in which we give our all, yet nothing happens. In these moments it is difficult to maintain a high motivation, especially when our motivation is supported only by the results and not by the reasons that push us to achieve those results.

In short, every change needs a good dose of… faith.

Azz André today: first politics and now religion too!

If we truly want to change, we must experiment with the belief that we will make our change happen. This certainly does not mean having to be stubborn in blind alleys. So here's another step to change your life effectively ...

Experiment in time

To keep doing the same things to change, even when we have had numerous proofs of their ineffectiveness, is almost more foolish than not trying to change at all.

But how do I know if something isn't working if you told me not to focus on the results ?!

Whenever we decide to experiment with a new personal growth technique, establish a new habit, or apply advice from a self-help book, we should give ourselves a deadline. According to many experts, the ideal time to observe the first changes is between a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 30-60 days.

In this period of time we should suspend all judgment and apply ourselves with discipline and constancy. Only once this period has been passed can we sum up our experience.


I swear I tried, but it is stronger than me ... to summarize the steps necessary to change your life in a profound and permanent way I have to write you some bullet points! ;-)

So here's where to start for change your life:

  1. Choose an area of ​​your life that you absolutely want to change. To do this, try experience one and only one technique that you have read in a personal growth book (here is a list of the best personal growth books) or in a blog article (here is the complete archive).
  2. Abbie faith in change; don't focus on the results, but rather savor your new habit day by day and be grateful for the little daily discoveries you will make.
  3. Give yourself one deadline. You decide to experiment with the new habit / technique for a defined time, the ideal would be 30 days. In this period of time, suspend all judgment and focus solely on change: pursue it with constancy, determination and discipline. Trust me… however it goes, it won't be a waste of time.

I hope this article has inspired you… or at least amused! If so, I want to ask you a question: Have you recently eaten chicken wings? No?! So, since you don't have sticky hands: make it spin! (the article).

Have a good week!

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