Can you die of love?

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Can you die of love?

Last update: 30 March, 2015

Love is one of the strongest feelings there is. The emotional bonds that can be established with the loved one can also change all the principles in which one had believed throughout one's life and can make people do things that we would never have imagined before. However, what if the person who stole our heart leaves us or dies? 

To die of love

Surely you have heard several times that on some occasions a person dies shortly after losing his beloved or spouse. Often many people cannot get over the death of a loved one and this appears to be a cause of sudden death. Can the pain of loss really make the heart sick? Can a person die because he no longer wants to live? That is, can you really die of love?

It is difficult to give a scientific answer to this question, since there is no scientific method for measuring feelings. Some experts have tried to find out more about it by looking for the relationship between grief over the loss of a loved one and changes that are reflected directly on the body. As a result, some argue that sadness appears to have something to do with certain illnesses and that if we add to this poor diet and lack of sleep, it can have serious health effects.

Some studies carried out

A study published in the journal Epidemiology, carried out on 58.000 couples since 1991, revealed that approximately 40% of women and 26% of men die before three years have passed since the death of a loved one. This is why it seems plausible to say that the loss of a loved one can have a direct impact on the rate of life. Many of the respondents said they felt as if someone had actually cut off a part of their body, as if someone had split them in half.

Dr. Freddie Negron, a palliative medicine specialist at the Miami Vitas Institute, advocated the mind / body / bereavement theory. This means that underlying heart disease, aggravated by depression, may be underlying the death of a person after the loss of a loved one. The largest number of people who die from this are suffering from a heart attack (heart attack). Anxiety, depression and sadness are the causes that ultimately lead to death.

Although there are no scientific results that prove that one can die of love, this type of death seems to be related to the bad habits of life that one follows after losing a loved one or with the worsening of an already existing disease due to sadness. , anxiety and the loss of a loved one.

For this reason, the key to all this seems to be the inability to accept and start a new life without a loved one, more than the pain of loss. However, we must wait for the results of future studies on the subject to have a more precise answer to the question "can one die of love?".

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