Broccoli: an anticancer vegetable

Broccoli: an anticancer vegetable

The Broccoli is a vegetable belonging to the family of Cruciferous.

Broccoli contains extraordinary substances: folic acid, calcium, iron and potassium; a considerable amount of C vitamin; a good amount of betacarotene, a substance that is transformed in our body into Vitamin A, essential for growth, for the health of the skin and mucous membranes and for night vision.


Properties of broccoli

Broccoli also have beneficial properties for the body such as:

  • Strengthen the body's defenses: vitamins A and C contained in broccoli remove the risk of colds and flu;
  • Counteract the formation of carcinogenic substances: vitamins A and C have antioxidant properties, that is, they fight the formation of carcinogenic compounds, such as nitrosamines in the stomach and intestines, contributing to protect the body from tumor formation;
  • Facilitate intestinal transit: dietary fiber, especially cellulose and lignin, fights constipation and therefore helps to prevent diseases such as intestinal diverticulosis;
  • Helping to deal with them with less effort slimming diets: the satiating effect of the fibers and the low calorie content make this vegetable particularly suitable for people who follow slimming diets.


Broccoli and colitis

However, care must be taken in people suffering from colitis. In fact, the high fiber content of broccoli can be a problem for those suffering from this disorder. In this case the fibers can be attacked by the bacterial flora with the consequent production of gaseous compounds that cause intestinal flatulence.

It is therefore necessary crush the fibers making a vegetable puree. There is one in this regard detoxifying cure for the body based on broccoli puree to be consumed daily for a period of about a month: steam the broccoli, then purée and season with salt and raw extra virgin olive oil. Younger leaves and the inside of the stem can also be used.


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