Awakening the inner warrior: quotes from B. Lee

Awakening the inner warrior: quotes from B. Lee

Awakening the inner warrior: quotes from B. Lee

Last update: 07 September, 2020

Bruce Lee's quotes have inspired millions of people around the world. Over the course of his life she jotted down her thoughts and his ideas on how to live life to the fullest and on his understanding of martial arts. After his death, many books were published that collected his philosophical thoughts, a source of inspiration for awaken the inner warrior.

From a very young age, Bruce Lee spent hours reading, mostly self-help books, philosophy and martial arts. He applied any important notion to his daily life and martial arts have been his main vehicle for this. He considered them, in fact, a means of self-discovery and self-expression. A useful tool to awaken the inner warrior.

Thanks to martial arts, he understood better who he was, he was able to get out of his comfort zone, to test his limits and to face his fears. Fighting was his way to relate to his inner demons, to expand his sense of himself and express the essence of his being. Through his books, films and interviews, Bruce Lee sought to convey the wisdom he had acquired over the years of study and practice.

In this article we present a short selection of Bruce Lee quotes, a real gift to awaken the inner warrior that each of us carries with us. Let's explore them together.

Bruce Lee quotes to awaken the inner warrior

Simplify, leave aside what is not essential

“This is not a daily increase, but rather a daily reduction; you take away what is not essential. "

Many of us, and on many occasions, they invest a large part of their time in activities that do not actually benefit our well-being. We do a job we don't like, buy things we don't need, spend time with people we don't like, etc.

According to Bruce Lee, simplicity is the key to satisfaction and self-development. By learning to simplify, we will be able to leave aside what contributes nothing to our personal growth and focus on what we really like to do. In this way, we will free our mind from the obstacles that prevent us from paying attention to our true needs.

Flow and adapt to what comes, like water

Don't be a single form; adapt it, build it on yourself and let it grow: be like water. Free your mind, be shapeless, limitless like water. If you put water in a cup, it becomes a cup. If you put it in a bottle, it becomes a bottle. If you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow, or it can destroy. Be water, my friend.

Life is constantly changing, explains Bruce Lee. Therefore, if we do not learn to adapt to it, we will surely experience tremendous resistance. This will trap us in a constant state of suffering.

The water is delicate and strong at the same time, as it cannot be broken. Water is light, but more powerful than anything else. This is due to its ability to evade, adapt and move naturally. In doing so, he conquers everything without breaking down. We can learn to overcome any obstacle along the way if we do like water: instead of fighting, we must embrace it and move with it. 

Be yourself

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, don't try to emulate other personalities.

Each person is a unique individual, thought Bruce Lee. However, most people, instead of adopting their own identity, transform themselves into someone they are not. One does not realize, however, that in this way one's life is ruined.

Being yourself is a prerequisite for self-discovery and personal growth is: following your inner voice and expressing yourself honestly. "No matter what, you must let your Inner Light guide you out of the darkness."

Keep learning, we are constantly evolving

There is no maturity. There is only a constantly evolving maturation process. Because when there is maturity, there is a conclusion and an end. This is the end. And therefore it coincides with death. It is possible that it will physically deteriorate over the course of the aging process but our personal process of daily discovery is still ongoing. We learn new things about ourselves every day.

According to Bruce Lee, life is a continuous journey towards wisdom. Our daily experiences help us better understand who we are and the world we live in. In this way we mature.

Wisdom is an endless process. The older we get, the more we develop our understanding. Who brakes mind and soul does not really live.

We hope you enjoyed this small selection of Bruce Lee quotes that invite us to awaken the warrior within!

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