Attitude: the most powerful force of change

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Attitude: the most powerful force of change

Last update: February 16, 2020

Attitude is the most powerful force we possess, yet we often ignore it. We do everything we can to put it in the background as we strive to blame others for the things that happen to us, complaining about all the problems we are overwhelmed with and feeling victims of circumstances.

The question we must ask ourselves is: what attitude are we adopting towards life? Reflecting on it and knowing if our behavior is helping us or not, will allow us to be much more aware of why things are not going the way we would like. If we open our eyes well, we will realize that the difficulties are not so terrible how we think.

Choose your attitude under any circumstances

We can choose how to deal with circumstances, at least we always have control over this. Attitude is the most powerful force we have, since thanks to it we can change what happens to us or, at least, the way we deal with it. Do we accept or reject? Do we complain or do we take action?

Let's imagine having a partner who always complains, leading us over time to hate his way of doing. We live embittered, she is a good person but we are no longer happy in our relationship; however, at that very moment we are inept and do not make a decision. On the contrary, we try to make our partner change, we blame him for the problems of the relationship, for the bond that has broken.

By reading this story, we would know perfectly well what to do. We have two options: accepting our partner for who they are, loving them, loving them without wanting them to change. We can also break off the relationship and give our partner the opportunity to be happy with another person.

As we can see, attitude is the most powerful force, as it allows us to get out of a situation we don't like. By making a decision and changing ourselves, we don't try to make the other change. The same may apply in other circumstances. When we are in debt, when we are out of work, when an illness arises or when a relative dies.

It is useless to complain, to curse the sky for how unfair it is, to victimize ourselves and to stand still without doing anything. There is no need to look for the culprits where there are none, not to accept what arrives like this, without a reason. Ask us nonsense questions such as: "why me", "did I do something wrong?".

Attitude is the most powerful force that allows us to be happy

Attitude is the most powerful force that incites changes, decisions, new chapters in life. Thanks to it, we can find our happiness or keep it. Because let's not forget that happiness must be found within us, regardless of whether the outside contributes, sometimes it will and other times it won't.

Thanks to the power of our attitude, we can understand that there are no limits and that we should not feel overwhelmed by circumstances. However serious a situation, such as losing a job or a debt, may be, we always end up getting out of it intact and overcoming those obstacles. It is your own vital drive.

However, sometimes the our emotions crush this longing for hope, exaggerating reality. Nevertheless, sooner or later, we will only have to accept the situation and move on. Why not do it from the start? Why try to feel so bad for no reason?

It is important to have confidence in ourselves and not to remain in our comfort zone, in this way the emotions will subside instead of amplifying. If we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by them, our state of comfort will shrink more and more until we feel trapped in our circumstances.

We don't have to be afraid of change. In general, changes are opportunities, new beginnings, new chapters. We will leave something behind, of course. But what comes will also surprise us if we arm ourselves with patience and intelligence to turn the situation around in our favor. An opportunity to learn, to overcome ourselves, to mature and realize that we are able to face all the problems that arise in our path.

Let's not forget that attitude is the most powerful force for change. We can make decisions to get out of a situation we don't like. We can accept what we don't like, stop rejecting it and move on. Many times the reflection on the future gives us a more complicated picture than what actually awaits us. By means of the attitude, we choose which position to adopt in front of this image.

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