Abdominal Exercises with Pilates Matwork

    Abdominal Exercises with Pilates Matwork

    A Pilates Matwork routine that helps us strengthen the abdominal muscles. In the video we will see together some exercises to tone the abdomen deeply.


    • Sit on the ground with your knees bent. Round the column making a C with the back, hands under the knees (4 repetitions)
    • I round the column creating a C with the back, the outstretched arms go up and down towards the mat (8 repetitions)
    • I round the column by creating a C with the back. The outstretched arms do 4 dribbles while one leg is stretched to the ground with a hammer toe and the other bent (alternating right and left) to the ground (4 repetitions)
    • Arm stretch up and lift single knee opposite the arm (alternating right and left) (4 repetitions)
    • I stretch arms together upwards and lift single knee (alternating right and left) (8 repetitions)
    • Right arm stretch and left leg stretch towards the mat (8 repetitions)
    • Left arm extension + right leg extension towards the mat 
    • Knees raised to table arms stretched upwards. Opposite arm and leg stretch (8 repetitions)
    • Left arm + right leg stretched to the mat, rise stretched upwards (8 repetitions)
    • Right arm + left leg stretched to the mat and rise stretched upwards (4 repetitions)
    • Single leg stretches alternating right and left upwards with hammer toe (8 repetitions)
    • Single right leg pedaling (8 repetitions)
    • Left leg single pedaling (8 repetitions)
    • Complete pedaling with cervical raised (8 repetitions)
    • Scissors pulling the leg to the chest alternating them with 2 springs (8 repetitions)
    • Scissors Cervical on the ground legs stretched upwards 8 Alternate right and left leg, one straight leg descends towards the mat and one bends as I wanted to draw an arrow (8 repetitions)
    • Legs stretched down towards the mat with hammer tips, at 45 ° they bend and rise stretched upwards. I reposition the legs at 45 °, quick little steps in the air, hammer tips, count 10 times.
    • Final stretch. Completely on the ground we stretch out on the mat, arms and legs long. Roll Up, we return to sitting on the floor and the sequence for the abdominals is over. 

    Necessary material

    • Bath mats
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