3 daily habits for a younger brain

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3 daily habits for a younger brain

Last update: 14 September, 2019

For many people, not remembering things is a habit. They feel a certain weight on a mental level when they have to organize their day or their goals or, simply, when they have to find the right resources to face everyday life.

If this is your case and you have shared these thoughts with those around you, surely you have heard comments such as "it is old age", which try to remove weight and seriousness from the matter.

In this case, it must be remembered that the evolution of mental agility does not always have to do with the passing years. The brain is the processor of our body. By maintaining its neuronal plasticity, all the functions it deals with will also continue to be intact.

About this, it is always possible to get the best tools or advice to preserve our brain functions and keep the brain in shape like that of a child or teenager. In this way, it is possible to enjoy a young, healthy brain with all the necessary potential to never forget anything.

There are many important personalities in the world of science, politics and culture who have become famous because they have conducted a process of learning and developing their own person with an ever-young brain, without ever losing their mental faculties. So why do some people experience more significant brain aging than others?

"My brain is the key that defines my free mind".

-Harry Houdini-

Several scientific studies have found that this difference is due to the brain aging process. Today we want to share with you 3 science-recommended daily habits that will help you keep a younger brain.

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Reading allows us to visualize and create a completely new world thanks to the pages we savor. This activity helps us to stimulate and develop active thinking, the kind of thinking that makes the neurons that make up the brain work to the maximum.

Thanks to the constant work of neurons during reading, we prevent them from deteriorating and dying, since, thanks to their plasticity, we facilitate their enlargement and favor the development of new ways to communicate information.

For this reason, we urge you to adopt the healthy habit of reading more consistently. Try to remember the story and any events created by your mind or the different happy endings born from the reading itself. By reading, you activate your creativity, a different and fun way to exercise your brain.

In this way, you will not lose your artistic side, that side that all human beings must develop in order to become more sensitive to the joys of life.

Train your breathing

There are many people who, following an accident or serious experiences or situations, have lost some brain capacity in a few seconds without oxygen. This is due to the fact that oxygen allows the correct functioning of brain neurons and that is why it is necessary to keep the brain always well oxygenated.

Knowing how to breathe is one of the healthiest habits out there, as it pushes us to give importance to the negative effects of smoking and promotes the development of the right breathing practices and habits to take care of it. We are talking about activities that allow us to stay close to nature, in parks, in the woods or in the countryside. We also recommend that you do some physical activity, such as running or swimming, which will help you understand how to breathe correctly.

Get out of your comfort zone

Usually routine is not a good ally for a young and healthy brain. Remaining immersed in what we know, in fact, does not favor the search for new paths and brain textures that help us to consider different options. In this regard, you have to look for new challenges or you can make a list of those personal aspects that you would like to improve.

Don't get stuck in everyday problems waiting for others to find the solution you need. Adopting this habit will help you stimulate your brain connections and prevent you from putting aside your essence, the one that allows you to always find the necessary strengths to develop your full potential and, therefore, live your life to the full.

To pass the time, play games or activities that are more complicated to you, such as crosswords or sudoku. Remember that the our brain changes constantly throughout our life and it is always possible to learn and acquire new skills, keeping him young, healthy and strong.

“Any man, if he wants, can be a sculptor of his own brain”.

-Santiago Ramon y Cajal-

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