Phrases to Silence a Person: The 100 Most Cynical

Phrases to Silence a Person: The 100 Most Cynical

We all have those occasions when we would so much like to silence a person with style: that is why we have compiled more than 100 phrases, more or less bad, to sensationally silence a person.

We hope that these quotes inspire you and can help you win the next argument you have with someone!

100 phrases, aphorisms and quotes to silence a person

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Phrases to silence a person, scathing and ironic: from 1 to 20

Donkey you are, donkey you will be, and donkey you will die before knowing that you are a beast. ~ Miguel de Cervantes

Look at this man: he looks like a jerk and he talks like a jerk, but don't be fooled: he really is a jerk! ~ Groucho Marx

I'd give you five minutes of intelligence to realize how stupid you are.

I have feelings for you: it sucks!

Irony is wasted when used on stupid people. ~ Oscar Wilde

Wilde stupid wasted irony quotes

Do not be angry if there are those who consider you half stupid. You can see he only half knows you...

It might have been worth it, but you preferred to do it.

You know what would look good on you? A truck.

The more I look at you, the more my self-esteem goes up!

Please don't interrupt me while I ignore you.

The emptier the heads, the longer the tongues!

Next time I see you, remind me not to talk to you. ~ Groucho Marx

If you find it difficult to laugh at yourself, I'll be happy to do it for you. ~ Groucho Marx

You are the stupidest answer to a question ever asked.

I always have a photo of you with me... that's how I solved my constipation problems.

Life is short... I can't waste it listening to your nonsense.

You're as nice as the dandruff on your head.

I really have to thank you. As soon as I saw you, my hiccups passed!

You deserve the Oscar for "Best Supporting Brain."

Phrases to silence a person, scathing and ironic: from 21 to 40

Let's play a game: I close my eyes and you take your dick away.

Everyone is always in a hurry, but they always find time to break the boxes!

Life has taught me that some people need to know how to kick them… kick their butts!

You are an idiot, please ask. ~ Pools

You are not a rare pearl. You are a weird idiot!

You are not so stupid to be a fool!

Insults are the arguments used by those who are wrong. ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

You're so mean that if a girl asks you out, it's because you locked yourself in the bathroom.

- Do you know the one with the fool on a pedestal? - No. - Come down and I'll tell you!

You got lucky! You don't need a towel for your face and a towel for your butt. It's fine with you too.

Nature is not always perfect… but with you it has really gone overboard!

You are not stupid, you just have a different intelligence.

I didn't insult you. I described you!

I wouldn't give it to you even if I had twice as much.

You're so stupid that when you do the idiot you look normal!

I still have a lot to give you. Fire, for example.

I can't fool you because you already are. ~ Pools

From two pans to two sizes is very easy.

I don't spit in your face out of respect for my saliva.

You've always been an idiot, but over time you perfect yourself.

Phrases to silence a person, scathing and ironic: from 41 to 60

And if one day you fall, I'll be there to take you... for the piss.

If you're smart, you hide it very well.

A whale, laugh Pinocchio!

It is not true that you are useless. Set a bad example.

You are a mythological being: half man, half idiot.

I like you so much that I would applaud you for hours... with my head in the middle and two bricks in my hand.

You're so ugly you'd make the Lochness Monster disgusting.

Your brain is like Peter Pan's island. There isn't!

There is one person who could find something good in you: a cannibal.

You're dirty on the face... not there, on the other buttock!

You are nothing mixed with nothing.

You wouldn't be up to it even if I lay down.

If you were a verb you would be of "fail" in the present participle.

You are like the sun... you cannot be looked at!

Damn, there's room for everyone.

You deserve a lot of applause... but with your face in the middle!

I wrote your name in the sand. of the cat Between the shit.

You just need your head to keep your ears apart.

Your conscience is only clear because you have never used it.

Last night I dreamed about you... it will be because of the peppers I ate last night.

Phrases to silence a person, scathing and ironic: from 61 to 80

You bring so much bad luck that a black cat touches iron when it sees you.

The world is shit. Not in vain are you a man of the world.

But won't you hurt yourself falling so low?

The wise man knows that he is stupid, it is the stupid who thinks he is wise. ~ William Shakespeare

You do not look well. Have you been to the vet yet?

Well done! I've never heard so much shit at once.

You are so fat that when you fall out of bed you fall on both sides!

I never forget a face, but in your case I'd be happy to make an exception. ~ Groucho Marx

Give meaning to my life... vomit!

You are as useful as the fork to eat broth.

If ignorance flew, your parents would feed you with the slingshot.

The problem with humanity is that the stupid ones are overconfident, while the intelligent ones are full of doubts. ~ Bertrand Russell

I don't hit you just because it would make me sick to touch you.

You are a flower. Pissed off by the dogs.

You're so stupid you wouldn't find a thorn in a cactus forest.

Avoid taking photos with your dog you confuse me.

You are so stupid that you would turn on the light to see if it is dark.

Your teeth are like stars: yellow and far apart.

If you quack I can't understand you.

To me you are like a unicorn: you do not exist.

Phrases to silence a person, scathing and ironic: from 81 to 100

From you, I admire the consistency. Ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside!

You could have been any idiot, but you weren't. You wanted to exaggerate!

You pull a lot, but at most you could pull the chain.

When I see you I get breathless... it's allergies.

If you're going to have two faces, at least try to make one look pretty.

Have you ever wondered where you come from or where you are going? If you want I can tell you where you can go...

You are such a loser that if you participate in unlucky competitions, you will finish second!

I do not like you? Sit with the others who are waiting for me to care.

I am for freedom of speech, but you talk nonsense!

Never argue with an idiot, he drags you down to his level and beats you with experience. ~ Oscar Wilde

Do you know the difference between you and a mirror? The mirror reflects without speaking and you speak without reflecting.

You're so short your head stinks of feet.

You leave me speechless... your deep ugliness leaves me stunned!

I'm not saying you're having a problem, but have you tried shutting down and restarting?

I put you in my pocket and when I least remember you.

Thanks, support your opinion there too.

You're so mean that when you were born your mom sent out apology cards.

If I'm bothering you tell me, I'm moving on!

If I have offended you with these jokes, I apologize. I didn't think you could read.


We hope that these phrases to silence a person can help you in your purpose. Now go and win all the arguments in style!

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