Phrases about Respect for Couples: the 20 most true

Phrases about Respect for Couples: the 20 most true

Respect in a relationship is essential, as you can understand in this collection of phrases about respect for a partner.

Today it is increasingly difficult to have a stable relationship. Often many couples break up because they no longer feel the passion of the past. Others because, although there is passion, there is a lack of mutual respect.

To encourage you to respect each other more, we have compiled 20 phrases about respect as a couple, each one more true than the other.

20 Important Phrases about Respect for the Couple

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Phrases about the Respect of the Couple: from 1 to 20

The most agreeable companies are those in which a serene mutual respect reigns among the members. ~ Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Friendship, like love, requires almost as much artistry as a successful dance figure. It takes a lot of drive and a lot of control, a lot of exchanges of words and a lot of silence. Above all, a lot of respect. ~ Rudolf nureyev

A great love has two main ingredients: the first is the discovery of what makes us similar and the second is the respect of what makes us different.

Respect and love must be so well proportioned that they support each other without respect stifling love.

Those who deprive love of its best adornment, deprive it of respect. ~ Marco Tullio Cicero

No one has more love than the one who knows how to respect the freedom of the other. ~ Simone Weil

Respect... is an appreciation of the other person's diversity, of the ways in which he or she is unique. ~ Annie Gottlieb

The people who are with you at home need attention, never take it for granted, you have to follow it, listen to it: this is human respect. ~ Vittorino Andreoli

Love without respect is destined to end forever.

The first effect of love is to inspire great respect: there is a kind of reverence for what is loved. That's right: you see nothing in the world as big as what you love. ~ Blaise Pascal

The truest form of love is how you behave towards someone, not how you feel about them. ~ Steve Hall

Respect comes from knowledge, and knowledge requires commitment, investment, effort. ~ Tiziano terzani

We all need to feel that we mean something to someone: we will invariably give our love, respect and attention to the person who fulfills this need. ~ ari kiev

Losing those who do not know respect is a great gain. ~ Pools

Both in the life of a couple and in the social world, respect and imagination are the salt of the continuation of all this. ~ Luciano Sante Manara

Being with a person who loves and respects us is one of the most beautiful and important things in the world.

Only a woman should be chosen as a wife who, if she were a man, would be chosen as a friend. ~ Joseph Joubert

Loving does not mean finding perfection, but forgiving terrible flaws. ~ Rosamund Pilcher

True love is not physical or romantic. True love is the acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be. ~ Khalil Gibran


We hope that you have liked these phrases about respect as a couple and have made you reflect on the importance of respect in any type of romantic relationship.

Of course, any opinion, phrase and consideration are welcome in the comments below.

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