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The most beautiful phrases and quotes of Ezio Bosso. Composer, pianist and conductor, he passed away at the age of 48 in May 2020. Despite being ill for a while, he has always continued to conduct, play and compose music.

Here are the phrases of Ezio Bosso that have remained in our hearts.

Quotes by Ezio Bosso

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Frases de Ezio Bosso: from 1 to 20

Stanza is an important word in human life, but it is often taken for granted. But in language it means a lot, it means poetry, singing, freedom, asserting oneself. It even means building. ~ Ezio Bosso

Music is our true root as Europeans and it is what eliminates all borders. Europe is an orchestra to go to. Music teaches us the most important thing, to listen and listen to ourselves. A great musician is not the one who plays the loudest but the one who listens and from there problems become opportunities. ~ Ezio Bosso

Music changes our lives and saves us. People who come to me as guests enter as characters and leave as people. The wand helps me mask the pain, and that's no small thing. ~ Ezio Bosso

If one needs it, help with open doors, not closed doors. ~ Ezio Bosso

Music brings luck and is our true therapy. ~ Ezio Bosso

It is said that life consists of 12 rooms. 12 rooms in which we will leave something of ourselves that will remember us. 12 rooms that we will remember when we get to the last one. Nobody can remember the first room they went to, but this seems to happen in the last one we got to. Stanza means to stop, but it also means to assert. I had to walk through imaginary rooms, out of necessity. Because in my life I have moments when I walk into a room that I don't really like very much. It is a room in which I find myself trapped for long periods, a room that becomes dark, very small and at the same time immense and impossible to pass through. When I'm there I have moments when it seems like I'll never get out of it. But it also gave me something, it intrigued me, it reminded me of my luck. He made me play with her. Yes, because the room is also a poem. ~ Ezio Bosso

Music teaches us the most important thing that exists: listening. ~ Ezio Bosso

Music has given me the gift of ubiquity: the music I wrote is in London and I am here. ~ Ezio Bosso

I love Sicily, like a land to which I belong. I love its light, I suffer from its problems, I love its people, its architecture, its flavors, and after all, my first job in an opera institution was just for an opera festival in Trapani at the age of 17. ~ Ezio Bosso

I stopped wondering why. Every problem is an opportunity. ~ Ezio Bosso

Today everyone speaks and no one listens, you have to be silent to be able to listen, an active silence, which helps you to perceive not only the sound but also yourself, your soul. This is the lesson of Claudio Abbado. He is also capable of transforming illness into rebirth, pain into greater commitment, into an urgency to do. Very modestly, we've talked about it a few times. In his name, I support the Mozart14 association, chaired by his daughter Alessandra, which promotes music workshops for hospitalized children, prisoners in prison. Open music, especially for them. ~ Ezio Bosso

Time is a black hole. And the magic that we musicians have in our hands is staying in time, dilating time, stealing time. Music, among the many beautiful things it offers, has the characteristic of not being a commercial product, but rather a shared time. And therefore, in this sense, time as we understand it no longer exists. ~ Ezio Bosso

Music is a necessity: it's like breathing. ~ Ezio Bosso

For me death does not exist, it is part of life. ~ Ezio Bosso

Every year I will propose it to you again... because I don't forget. I have memory of that. In those days they would have given me a black one, that of the Asociali, who were the "invalids" or prostitutes, the sick or simple opponents: the different ones called us. I remember the red one because communists, anarchists and political opponents were also priests. Yellow for the Jews. Purple for Jehovah's Witnesses. I remember the brown of the gypsies and the blue of the anti-fascist Germans. I remember the pink of homosexuals. They were triangles. They were my brothers and sisters. Sometimes they made music like me. And I am all of them. It's all those colors. That is why I have a memory of those triangles and I will continue to have them. Because it's all those triangles. We all are. And so I will have memory. Today like yesterday, like tomorrow. ~ Ezio Bosso

The first thing I'm going to do is get out in the sun. The second will be hugging a tree. ~ Ezio Bosso

Since I was 4 years old I have become accustomed to being European. We, who have dedicated our lives to music from an early age, hang out with German-Austrians like Beethoven, or Frenchmen like Debussy, or Germans like Brahms and Mendelssohn. You see, there is no border. Music is not only a language but a transcendence, which is what takes us further. ~ Ezio Bosso

When I start a concert I always say hi! It is a beautiful word! ~ Ezio Bosso

Music is not only a language but a transcendence, which is what takes us further. ~ Ezio Bosso

It is said that life consists of 12 rooms. 12 rooms in which we will leave something of ourselves that will remember us. Nobody can remember the first room they went to, but this seems to happen in the last one we got to. ~ Ezio Bosso

Frases de Ezio Bosso: from 21 to 40

I can't tell you if I'm happy, but I can tell you that I keep moments of happiness close. ~ Ezio Bosso

Music is like life, it can only be done in one way: together. ~ Ezio Bosso

What's worse? Realize how some, unfortunately also the so-called colleagues, use my physical condition to denigrate me. The real pathology is this. The most serious disabilities are not seen, the real patients, or the "chronically healthy", as my friend Bergonzoni calls them, are them. ~ Ezio Bosso

I write because I interpret, I interpret because I write. And I face my music as if it weren't mine. I face the composer as an interpreter. ~ Ezio Bosso

Silences have a sound, even in music. There is no last note, it is a fact. Because the last note played by one instrument is the note that starts the other. ~ Ezio Bosso

Music is a real magic, it is no coincidence that directors have wands like magicians. ~ Ezio Bosso

Music is like life, it can only be done in one way: together. ~ Ezio Bosso

The disease is not my identity, it is more a matter of aesthetics. It changed my rhythms, my life. From time to time I "evaporate". But I'm not afraid that he will take my music away, because he already has. The worst thing I can do is keep quiet. Every day there is, there is. And the past must be left to someone else. ~ Ezio Bosso

I am a man with an obvious disability among so many men with disabilities that are not seen. ~ Ezio Bosso

It makes me reflect on the fact of losing oneself in order to learn to follow, losing prejudices, fears, losing pain brings us closer. We men tend to take beautiful things for granted -he added- life is made up of twelve quarters: in the last, which is not the last, because it is in which we change, we remember the first. When we are born we cannot remember it, because we cannot remember it yet, but there we remember it, and we are ready to start again and therefore we are free. ~ Ezio Bosso


We hope that these phrases have touched the sensitivity, passion and great heart of Ezio Bosso.

Just esteem for him.

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