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A collection of famous quotes, poetic phrases, aphorisms and illuminating metaphors about the sunset. Let yourself be overwhelmed by its beauty.

For many of us, sunset is almost like a religious moment, a natural and sacred experience that is repeated every day.

Sunsets are moments of intimate and private contemplation. It is a time to reflect on the beauty and enigmas of life. We can look inside without mirrors.

A sunset tells us what we are and where we have to go. He is a spirit guide powered by Mother Nature and one that we should never overlook.

Sunset teaches us to be better people and to choose happiness over wealth, career, resentment and lies.

Sunsets are also intimately connected with love, life, God, friendship, family, the sea and the ocean.

Sunset is one of the most photographed natural events in the world.

The golden hour can be shared at the same time with those we love and appreciate and is experienced as a personal and spiritual occasion.

Take a look at some of the most poetic, romantic, motivational and inspirational sunset quotes ever written.

120 dazzling sunset phrases

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Phrases about Sunset: from 1 to 20

This is another relaxing aspect of nature: its immense beauty is there for everyone. It never occurs to anyone to take home a sunrise or a sunset. ~ Tiziano terzani

In life there is a sunrise and a sunset every day. And you can choose to be present, you can put yourself in the path of beauty. ~ Reese Witherspoon

When I watch a sunset and I get excited, I don't wonder how fast the earth spins or how far away the sun is or how big they are… I love that moment. Spot. There is nothing to understand, you have to love. ~ fabio will

Clouds painted by the sunset, ignite the passion for poetry, where the swallows dance at the time of lovers. ~ Massimo Pistoja

When the warrior does not feel happy facing the sunset, something is wrong. ~ Paulo Coelho

A sunset is never easy... there are a thousand different shades every time you look at it. ~ Pina Ganci

If at nightfall, at least, there was the sea behind the glass... ~ giorgio caproni

Take my hand at sunset, when the day fades and darkness slides down its curtain of stars. Hold it tight when you can't experience this imperfect world. Take my hand, take me where time does not exist. ~ Hermann Hesse

I'm not sure what I really want... But if times of day were places, I'd take home a sunset. ~ gabriela pannia

When a sunrise or sunset no longer gives us emotions, it means that the soul is sick. ~ roberto gervaso

Today a sunset put two threads of light around my neck. Then he pulled hard and, for the umpteenth time, I was impressed with his beauty. ~ fabrizio caramagna

I had just gone out for a walk, but in the end I decided to stay out until sunset, because going out, as I had discovered, really meant going in. ~ John Muir

The light disappeared after sunset, in that darkness, I dream. ~ Noel

What sensitivity the sun: blush every night at sunset. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Climb a hill at sunset. Everyone needs perspective from time to time, and you'll find it there. ~ Rob Sagendorf

A beautiful sunset came from the west, so quick and unexpected that it felt like the sky was moving very fast. ~ Yoshimoto Banana

We all deserve a sunset, a cold beer and lots of laughs.

Sunset is like a child who opens a pack of crayons and has fun smearing the face of God. ~ fabrizio caramagna

I make no difference between a book and a person, a sunset, a painting. Everything I love I love with a single love. ~ Marina Tsvetaeva

There are sunsets that you can't help but look at and think you've done a lot of things wrong, but at least you have the colors you deserve. ~ fabrizio caramagna

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Phrases about Sunset: from 21 to 40

Goals that are outputs and a sunset that is like a morning. ~ Luciano Ligabue

Ask him at sunset if good things last forever, I'm sure he'll answer: no, but I, every night, dress just as wonderfully.

Bring me back to the colors of that sunset where you were with me too.

Sunsets can be extremely ruthless with loners and overly generous with lovers.

If the sun doesn't sink into the sea, it's half sunset.

The sunset on the beach makes you nostalgic even for things you have not experienced.

There are sunsets that never set. ~ Massimo Bisotti

We have missed too many sunsets for daring to believe that certain days would last forever.

What is a sunset for two eyes only?

A sunset: as if the sky dumped over the world a basket of gold-stained butterflies, egg yolks and burning glasses. ~ fabrizio caramagna

It is impossible to explain human preferences. Although built with absolutely identical materials, and both beautiful ~ no one can say which of the two is more beautiful, the setting sun has always had, and has, more public than the one that rises._Millor Fernandes

Who knows how many sunsets we will have to miss even before seeing one with your hands intertwined with mine.

And your eyelids open wide the twilight of the earth, assaulting the blue of the stars. ~ Pablo Neruda

When the sky hits the earth at dusk, sunsets, dreams, races on the grass and fragments of language imbued with soul and silence always arise from that kind of encounter. ~ fabrizio caramagna

When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Meditating at sunset, looking at the stars and petting your dog is a sure remedy ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I like the determined slowness of the sunset. That one you think you have time to photograph but it's over.

From the moment of your departure until last night I walked on the ground. It's quite an enjoyable exercise, as you may already know. Not only do you walk on air, but you do it in a kind of suspended sunset, in an enveloping bath of liquid gold that you can touch and breathe...~ Elizabeth of Arnim

And I kiss your mouth wet with twilight. ~ Pablo Neruda

You should never be alone in front of a sunset.

Phrases about Sunset: from 41 to 60

At nightfall everything disappears and only those who have to stay remain.

As usual, a kind of poetic animation entered Drogo's soul at sunset. It was the hour of hope. ~ Dino Buzzati, The Desert of the Tartars

What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in winter. It's the little shadow that crosses the grass and gets lost in the sunset~ Blackfoot Proverb

There is in her that restless sweetness of the hours before sunset, when the sun seems to shine warmer and warmer to compensate for the darkness that will come after it is gone. ~ Giorgio Faletti

Sometimes, watching a sunset, I know with absolute certainty that I miss you. The setting sun describes in a surgical, intimate, precise way, the enormous emptiness that remains in you.

The sweetness of the sunset undid everything. The true reality is this sunset that has existed and will exist for millennia, despite what men do to try to destroy it. ~ fernanda pivano

Dusk is the time when the earth sends colors to sleep. But red, passionate and instinctive, always disobeys.

We could stop here, waiting for the sunset from this terrace. The light breeze. The thoughts that intertwine between your fingers and your wavy hair. Bare neck and me smiling. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Sunset. It is the time of day when it seems that the sky has been painted by a graffiti artist. ~ Mia Kirshner

Dusk fell over them all and the air somehow tasted of licorice. ~ Giorgio Fontana

You know, this thing is brilliant that the days end. It's a brilliant system. The days and then the nights. And again the days. It seems obvious, but there is genius. And where nature decides to set its limits, the show explodes. The sun goes down. ~ Alessandro Baricco

Autumn is so in love with sunsets that it paints one on each leaf~ Maximus Lo Pilate

A wonderful sight: the sunset that makes its nest in the eyes of children. ~ Miguel Angel Cammarata

I've been studying them for weeks. It is not easy to understand a sunset. It has its times, its measures, its colors. And since there is no sunset, I say one, which is identical to another, then the scientist must be able to discern the details and isolate the essence until he can say that this is a sunset, the sunset. ~ Alessandro Baricco

Sunset. Just a moment, but it tastes like eternity.

In life there is a sunrise and a sunset every day. And you can choose to be present, you can put yourself in the path of beauty. ~ From the movie Wild

The sea is one of those that stays after sunset.

There are sunsets that instead of closing one day, open up to a new life.

At dusk, the streetlights cover everything with seductive shade. ~ Nikolai Gogol

I like the ability of mountains to prolong a sunset even when it's gone. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Phrases about Sunset: from 61 to 80

And while the slow sunset painted its sky, no one saw us in that hour of love, so we followed the sun with our eyes until it sank into the sea... ~ EMCamardo

The hours of some of our afternoons move and we love them and they know about departure and sunset and flying over slowly. ~ Gian Maria Testa

The smell of the air in my garden in the middle of spring just before sunset kills me with melancholy.

You must have the strength of a lion and the calm of a sunset to get through everyday life. ~ moon of the great

A Spanish sunset: the sun stretches the cloak of sunset in front of the horns of the moon. ~ Diego Chozas

The first stars appearing at dusk, as if someone had thrown a handful of childish laughter over the edge of the world. ~ fabrizio caramagna

It must be the pearl-colored light that is there at this time that has all the memories of every night inside of it with the same pearl-colored light.

At dusk, the sky seems to light up, shimmering orange, crimson and gold, gradually fading to a plum purple, before turning the black of the blackest night imaginable, so black that the stars do not appear white, but bright silver. ~ Alan Coren

The sun sets anyway. Both on the best day and on the worst day. ~ Jeffery Deaver

In summer the sun rises in the east and sets in Instagram.

More and more fortunes are made between sunset and sunrise than between sunrise and sunset. ~ best fernandes

The colors of the day slowly faded to gray and the distant mountain peaks became the dim shapes of crouching giants. ~ Khaled hosseini

There are evenings when the nerves and the flesh, intoxicated with light, want to become a soul. ~ fabrizio caramagna

If you don't get excited about a sunset, we can't be friends.

I like the sunset that doesn't always turn off the day but knows how to illuminate the nights.

The light that the sunset cuts in the profiles of the buildings, light, a veil that filters the gold of the shadow.

There are a thousand ways to say "Sunset". Don't always use the same letters. That the A is tired of ringing. The O is tired of always being at the end. The T is too strong. There are many letters after Z. Find them, use them. Put some silence on it too. Some chills, some dreams, some bits of heaven. She closes her eyes and repeats the word "Sunset". You will see that it will be different. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Sunset is a magical moment, in which the Sun disappears over the horizon. The disappearance of the Sun gives effect to the suggestive colors of the sky that have always inspired painters, writers, singers and poets. Read the most beautiful phrases about the sunset taken from songs and poems, movies, books, from the Little Prince to Vasco Rossi, passing through Shakespeare and Ligabue. Sunset: phrases and images to share on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram or to dedicate to special people. Today at sunset, the sky and the sea come together in the same color, like a fabric so perfect that it is not clear which is its right and its back. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Half-mast houses almost border the road and a monstrous sunset with all its wings spread. ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Perhaps the difference between me and other people is that I have always ordered more at sunset. The most spectacular colors, when the sun meets the horizon. Maybe this is my only sin. ~ Dal movie Nymphomaniac

Phrases about Sunset: from 81 to 100

The setting sun spreads among the isolated clouds, separated by the sky. Reflections of all colors, calm reflections, fill the varieties of the air above, float absent in the great pains of height. ~ Fernando Pessoa,

On the last night of my life, I want to see a beautiful sunset, not a cold and abstract bank account~ Vasile Ghica

If even joy left scars. Each one the memory of a beautiful moment. "This scar, I got it when I was 20, in front of a sunset." ~ fabrizio caramagna

The representation of the sunset, that is to say that kind of miraculous unreality that the dying of the day can create, and that, if the weather does not change, will be repeated the next morning with the sunrise. ~ Walter Bonati

We could sit here, on the edge of this sunset. Cherish the idea and then let it go. And laugh at how stupid we've been.

A day dedicated to competing with older versions of myself. I need a sunset, a field of poppies and a shoulder to let go of, free from fear of failure or worry about success. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Enter the sun as if it were the currency of a huge jukebox and wait for the sunset to come out in bills.

Every sunset is a sunrise somewhere else. ~ ernest young

The difference between sunrise and sunset lies in the amount of hope you carry...

Once a week we should all be entitled to a sunset over the sea of ​​health insurance.

A sunset, your hands, a kiss with your eyes closed, laughter. You want simple things, but with you.

There is no problem that a terrace and a sunset over the sea cannot solve. ~ fabrizio caramagna

The verses are not written, they happen like feelings or sunset. The soul - a blind accomplice. You didn't write, it just happened. ~ Andrei Voznesensky

And then I thought that eventually we will all become a sunset, and only light will make a difference.

There are never voices as beautiful as those of a winter afternoon, when the twilight almost hides the body, and the words seem to come out of an absence with a note of intimacy rarely heard during the day. ~ Virginia Woolf

Offer him a sunset from time to time... no one will ever say no. ~ fabio migozzi

I have a couple of tickets for sunset. Come with me?

Do you have a sunset all to ourselves tonight?

The setting sun. He turns around one last time to check that the world is in order and that we are all here. And then it disappears. ~ fabrizio caramagna

You know… when you are very sad you love sunsets. ~ by Saint-Exupéry

Phrases about Sunset: from 101 to 120

Let me, or let me wash my soul in colors; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow. ~ Khalil Gibran

There is nothing more musical than a sunset. ~ Claude Debussy

Whenever you want to see me, always look at the sunset; I'll be there. ~ grace ogot

I have a horror of sunsets, it's romantic, it's a lot of melodrama. ~ Marcel Proust

There is no way for a man to earn a star or deserve a sunset. ~ Gilberto Chesterton

My sun sets to be reborn. ~ Robert browning

The sky, at sunset, looked like a carnivorous flower. ~ Roberto bolaño

There is a clear hour in the day that could be defined as the absence of noise, it is the clear hour of twilight. ~ Victor Hugo

The sunsets are so beautiful that it almost feels like we are looking through the gates of heaven. ~ Juan Lubbock

People, facing the setting sun, close their doors. ~ William Shakespeare

It is the consolation of man that the future is a sunrise instead of a sunset. ~ Victor Hugo

Everything is imperfect, there is no sunset so beautiful that it cannot be more. ~ Fernando Pessoa,

No sun survives sunset, but it will rise again and bring dawn. ~ Maya Angelou

This is another relaxing aspect of nature: its immense beauty is there for everyone. It never occurs to anyone to take home a sunrise or a sunset. ~ Tiziano terzani

I am very fond of sunsets. Come on, let's go see a sunset. ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Sunsets are definitely old fashioned. They belong to a time when the latest fashion was Turner, for art. Admiring them denotes provincialism of character. ~ Oscar Wilde

Eternity is for the devotee a day that has no sunset; eternity is for the wicked a night that has no dawn. ~ Thomas Watson

A sunset is an intellectual phenomenon. ~ Fernando Pessoa,

It is practically impossible to see a sunset and not dream. ~ Bernard Williams

The protective sunset reveals, intensifying what we see. With threats of amethyst and pits of mystery. ~ Emily Dickinson

Phrases about Sunset: from 121 to 140

When the sun is setting, stop whatever you're doing and go and see. ~ Mehmet Ildan

Let failure teach you a supreme lesson: every sunset is the beginning of a very, very bright and powerful sunrise. ~ Sri chinmoy

Don't forget: beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies. ~ Paulo Coelho

Watching the sunset makes you feel stronger. ~ Anamika Mishra

Everything breathes beyond color and noise, in a deep and silent sigh. ~ Fernando Pessoa,

Death resembles the sunset, which only in appearance is swallowed by the night, while in reality, she, who is the only source of all light, burns without interruption, to new worlds brings new days, at every moment he wake up. and at every moment it sets. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Eternity is the sea mixed with the sun. ~ Arthur Rimbaud

A sunset is a sunrise on the other side of the world.

All are alone in the heart of the earth pierced by a ray of sun: and immediately it is late. ~ Salvatore quasimodo

If I could relive my life, in the next one I would take more risks, take more trips, contemplate more sunsets. ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Let's run to the horizon, it's late, let's run early, to catch at least one oblique ray! ~ Charles Baudelaire

If no one loved, the sun would go out. ~ Victor Hugo

Meditating at sunset, while looking at the stars and petting your dog, is an infallible remedy. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature paints us, day after day, images of infinite beauty. ~ John Ruskin

The sunset on the horizon is music in its last notes, it is the last taste of the cake, sweeter precisely because it is at the end, destined to remain in the memory longer than it was tasted before. ~ William Shakespeare

When the sun has set, no candle can replace it. ~ George rr martin

Don't cry when the sun goes down, tears will prevent you from seeing the stars. ~ Violet Vine

Take my hand at sunset, when the day fades and darkness slides its curtain of stars... Hold it tight when I can't live this imperfect world... Take me by the hand... take me where time doesn't exist. ~ Hermann Hesse

Splendor of the day ended, that raises me up and fills me, now prophetic, now that the past brings back! And you swell my throat, you, divine equal, you, earth and life until the last ray shines, I sing. ~ Walt Whitman

The sunset lowers the curtain and fixes it with a star. ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

Phrases about Sunset: from 141 to 160

Don't put me next to those who complain without ever looking up, those who can't say thank you, those who can't notice more than a sunset. I close my eyes, take a step back. I am something else. They are somewhere else. ~ Alda Merini

Clouds come floating into my life, not to bring wind or storm, but to give color to my sunset. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Dawn comes slowly, but sunset is fast. ~ Alicia Toklas

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

When you see the sunset, wait for the sunrise. Why bother with a fading sunset or moon? ~ Gialal al-Din Rumi

If your eyes are blinded by your worries, you will not be able to see the beauty of a sunset. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Bring me the sunset in a glass, count the amphorae of the morning, the drops of dew. Tell me how far the morning goes, at what time the weaver who spins the immensity of blue falls asleep! ~ Emily Dickinson

Sunset is the opening music for the night. ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan

The sunsets of that African hell were extraordinary. No one took them away. Each time as tragic as monstrous murders of the sun. ~ Louis-Ferdinand Celine

On the white road, the trees that turn black withered; over the distant mountains blood and gold... Dead is the sun... What do you seek, poet, in the twilight? ~ Antonio Machado

It is not an insult or an affront that prevents the sun from setting. ~ Ahmadou Kourouma

Shouldn't I be watching the sun go down instead of writing this? ~ Virginia Woolf

In the rays of sunset a butterfly flies over the city. ~ Takarai Kikaku

Life is struggle and torment, disappointment, love and sacrifice, golden sunsets and dark storms. ~ Laurence olivier

Our extreme moment is more impressed than the rest of our life. The sunset on the horizon is music in its last notes, it is the last taste of the cake, sweeter precisely because it is at the end, destined to remain in the memory longer than it was tasted before. ~ William Shakespeare

Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the wonderful things that the sun gives us. ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan

I miss the matter of clouds, if there weren't in the sky how could one better admire a sunset and the spectacle of the rising sun. I love clouds, they remind me how beautiful the sun is. ~ Stephen Pocapalabra

What is travel and what is travel for? Any sunset is a sunset; it is not necessary to go to see him in Constantinople. ~ Fernando Pessoa,

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbows are my second. ~ mattie stepanek

The day dies. In a great whirlwind of deep burning clouds. The sun, like a lost bloody star, overflowed with waves in the high abyss. ~ arthur graph

Phrases about Sunset: from 161 to 180

The setting sun is gripping part of the train. ~ Hakyo Ishida

The sun can set and then rise again; we, on the other hand, once our brief day fades, we face the dream of an endless night. ~ Gaius Valerius Catullus

Every sunset carries the promise of a new sunrise. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The setting sun spreads among the isolated clouds, separated by the sky. Reflections of all colors, calm reflections, fill the varieties of the air above, float absent in the great pains of height. ~ Fernando Pessoa,

The sunset burned like one of those festive and mysterious fires in which the most common things evoke, with their colors, precious or strange objects. ~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton

One day I saw the sun set forty-three times! ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our spirit is a being of indestructible nature, it is an active force from eternity to eternity. It is similar to the sun, which appears to our mortal eyes to set, but in reality it never sets and continues to shine forever. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today at the end of the day the sunset put its pearls on the fine black hair of the afternoon and I have them hidden like a necklace without a cord inside my heart. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Whatever happens, even the sun of the worst day sets. ~ Chinese proverb

Nothing in this world is extinguished, but with an alternating movement it sets and rises again. ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

How can what is never put on remain hidden from someone? ~ Heraclitus

The young have short memories and have the eyes to look only to the east; and to the west only the old people look at us, those who have seen the sun set so many times. ~ Giovanni Verga

This is the meaning of each twilight of history, the sense of internal and external plenitude, of the exhaustion that awaits every living civilization. ~ Oswald spengler

It is never the same sunrise or sunset. ~ Carlos Santana

Here it is, this silly happiness with its white windows wide open on the orchard! Over the pond, like a purple swan, the sunset sails silently. ~ Sergei Aleksandrovich Yesenin

If I sold candles, the sun would never set. ~ Yiddish proverb

The sun never sets on my empire. ~ Charles V

The artist's job is to create sunsets when there aren't any. ~ Romain Rolland

All architecture is great after sunset: perhaps architecture is truly a nocturnal art, like fireworks. ~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton


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