Deep phrases for when you separate

Deep phrases for when you separate

A collection of phrases about separation and the end of love, to read when you leave, to heal emotionally.

Breaking up is never easy. Letting go of the person you love, especially after months and years of cherished memories accumulated together, can make you feel like you've been torn in two.

But the positive side of breaking up is that it allows you to learn to move on and also gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself better, while healing your broken heart.

Taking a break from love offers us a chance to get to know ourselves again and helps us understand that we are not alone in our pain.

People have been suffering from their broken hearts since the beginning of time.

And if you're ready to move on or still feel a little terrified by your emotions, reading quotes about love and loss can help you feel less alone as you heal.

To get you started, here are our picks for the 200 best quotes about parting and ending love, to read when they're done. And above all, read to learn to love again.

Phrases for when you separate

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Phrases For When They Break: 1 to 20

Loving is so short, forgetting so long. ~ Pablo Neruda

However, every broken love provokes a feeling of premature loss, as if love were eternally a handsome young man destined for happy broken promises. ~ Alicia-Giménez Bartlett

Can you remember love? It's like evoking a scent of roses in a basement. You can remember the image of a rose, not its perfume. ~ Arthur Miller

Some people don't deserve our smile, much less our tears. ~ Charles Bukowski

The most beautiful moment of love is when we delude ourselves into thinking that it lasts forever; the worst when you realize it's been going on for too long. ~ roberto gervaso

That goodbye kiss that looks like a greeting, that last look of love that turns into the sharpest pang of pain. ~ George Eliot

It is better to have loved and lost than to put linoleum in your living rooms. ~ Amiri Baraka

Eratijarijaka: archaic poetic expression that in the Aranda language means "yearn with all your heart for something that has been lost." ~ Elias Canetti

My veins had died, my skin was frozen. I was cold, he was gone. ~ Elena Ferrante

Don't let anyone you love be unhappy... unrequited love also has its rainbow. ~ James Matthew Barrie

Since love always ignores its depth until the hour of detachment. ~ Kahlil Gibran

It is difficult to suddenly heal from a love that has lasted a long time. ~ Gaius Valerius Catullus

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved. ~ Alfred Tennyson

It is very rare that we leave each other in good agreement, because if we were in good agreement, we would not break. ~ Marcel Proust

You never appreciate the things you have until you lose them. ~ Kurt Cobain

It would be a better world if "I love you" and "Goodbye" could only be said once in a lifetime. And never the same person. ~ mheathcliff, Twitter

While you love, you don't reflect, and when you reflect, you no longer love. ~ Pierre-Adrien de Courcelle

When you stop fighting in love, love goes away. ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Comparing oneself, in love, is already equivalent to not loving anymore. ~ jacques disorder

The beginning is sweet, absurd, happy. The plot full of good will, strong and full of tensions. The end, a laceration. ~ nuria neighborhoods

Aphorisms to read when you separate: from 21 to 40

If I were dead I would at least know who I lost and who I am. Now I don't know anything anymore. My whole life has sunk behind me like in those earthquakes in which the earth devours itself. It sinks behind you as you escape. ~ Simone de Beauvoir

"And how long do you think an arch pigeon lasts?" I asked him. "The real part, not the one that then maybe goes underground like a mole." "It depends". "But on average?" I said. “What is your average? What is your maximum?... And if you don't want to see the bow go down, what should you do? Cut it at the best time? Without waiting? Jump down like jump out a window? ~ Andrea DeCarlo

In those long hours I was the sentinel of pain, I watched alongside a new multitude of dead words... I have to learn again the silent step of those who believe where they are going and why... now I felt a long pain in the chest that deprived me of any feeling. ~ Elena Ferrante

I take a little water in the hollow of my hand, I let it run drop by drop between my half-open fingers. So the love is gone. ~ Gesualdo Bufalino

Men do not console themselves with a great love that has ended: they prefer to forget it. ~ Angel Gatti

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. He dies of blindness and mistakes and betrayals. It dies of sickness and wounds, it dies of weariness, weariness, or dullness. ~ Anaïs Nin

Whether we like it or not, abandonment introduces us, from the first moment we suffer it, into a wasteland that we did not know, it makes us hear an unprecedented tone of desperation and tiredness of existing and wanting. ~ Emmanuel Trevi

Illusions about a woman who has loved herself resemble rheumatism: we never completely get rid of them. ~ Henry Becque

Until the age of 35, we are all convinced that when a story ends, we never get up again. Instead, we always get up. We are like unsinkable ships: even if they capsize, they always come back straight. The real problem with the ending of a story is complacency. I can't even stand myself when I feel sorry for myself! ~ Max Pezzali

When before your astonishment they come to ask you about our love, to those people consumed in being listened to, love so long, don't give it to them in a hurry. ~ Fabrizio De André

Look, I've fallen in love twice in my life, but seriously, and both times I was sure it would be forever and until death, and both times it's over and I'm not dead. ~ Hermann Hesse

Only loving, only knowing counts, not having loved, not having known. ~ Pier Paolo Pasolini

It's amazing how little things last. They have such a tight arc and the more you get to know them, the more it narrows, the more you see the end from the beginning. However, we play the game every time. Every time we try to believe it. ~ Andrea DeCarlo

Every woman who finally realized her worth, packed up her pride, boarded the flight of freedom, and landed in the valley of change. ~ Shannon L.Aliso

The pleasure of love lasts a moment, the pain of love lasts a lifetime. ~ Bette Davis

It is impossible to love a second time what is no longer truly loved. ~ François de La Rochefoucauld

"I leave you" corresponds to an "I love you", it is a claim, not a dialogue. ~ Franco La Cecla

Many times I have suffered, sometimes I have been wrong; But I loved it. It is I who have lived, and not a fictitious being created by my pride and my boredom. ~ Alfred de Musset

The love that asks for more love is a barter that only causes pain. The love that gives without reserve receives as much in return, and even more. ~ Dinah Mulok Craik

Death is the end of a life, not a relationship. ~ Robert Benchley

Dates for when they separate: 41 to 60

One goes on seeing oneself for a long time out of habit and saying with one's mouth that one loves oneself, after mannerisms say one no longer loves oneself. ~ Jean de La Bruyère

The snows and roses of yesterday have vanished; And what is love but a rose that withers? ~ Edgar Lee Masters

The death of a love is like the death of a loved one. Leave the same agony, the same emptiness, the same refusal to resign yourself to that emptiness. Even if you have expected it, provoked it, wanted it in self-defense or out of common sense or out of a need for freedom, when it comes, you feel invalid. mutilated. ~ Oriana Fallaci

Hell is no longer love. ~ Georges Bernanos

My dearest friendships began with antipathy; My sublime loves ended in antipathy. ~ Anselmo Bucci

For a moment our lives met, our souls touched. ~ Oscar Wilde

It is in the separation that you feel and understand the strength with which you love. ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky

All love always has a bad ending, all the more bad the more divine, the more winged its beginning was. ~ Charles Baudelaire

We were the one who is not said or admitted, but never forgotten. ~ Frida Kahlo

When someone leaves it is because someone else is about to arrive. ~ Paulo Coelho

When you stop fighting in love, love goes away. ~ Søren Kierkegaard

The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to them and know that you can never have them. ~ Gabriel García Márquez

Between a man and a woman what they call love is a season. And if this season's bloom is a verdant feast, when it's wilting it's nothing more than a heap of rotting leaves. ~ Oriana Fallaci

Love is also learning to give up the other, knowing how to say goodbye without letting feelings get in the way of what is probably best for those we love. ~ Sergio Bambaren

I fell in love with you from the first moment. You were the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and I still wonder why you chose me, but my love back then is nothing compared to what I feel now. Now I love you with all my being and it's only right that you go. I love you so much that I only want your happiness, even if your life no longer includes me. ~ Jack Huston

This is life. Sometimes you think that two eyes are looking at you and instead they don't even see you. Sometimes you think you have found someone you were looking for and instead you have not found anyone. Happens. And if not, it's a miracle. But miracles never last. ~ Oriana Fallaci

For a while maybe I'll keep screaming your name at myself, in my heart. But eventually the wound will heal. ~ david grossmann

I didn't love you out of boredom, or out of loneliness, or out of caprice. I loved you because the desire for you was stronger than any happiness. And I knew then that life is not big enough to hold together everything that desire can imagine. But I didn't try to stop you or stop you. He knew that she would sooner or later. And she did. She suddenly exploded. ~ Alessandro Baricco

A mosquito lasts one day, a rose lasts three days. A cat lasts thirteen, love three. Are. First there is a year of passion, then a year of tenderness, and finally a year of boredom. ~ Frederic beigbeder

Love should not be implored or demanded. Love must have the strength to draw certainty in itself. Then it won't be dragged, but it will drag. ~ Hermann Hesse

Phrases to read when you break up: 61 to 80

But every story has the same illusion, its conclusion; and the sin was believing that a normal story was special. ~ Francesco Guccini

It was not a question of being happy or unhappy. I no longer wanted to be me. ~ Sara Dessen

You tell me goodbye, if he fails to tell me. Dying is nothing; Losing you is difficult. ~ Umberto Saba

The hardest thing is not the first kiss, but the last. ~ paul geraldy

Very often, in order to discover that we are in love, perhaps even to become so, the day of separation must come. ~ Marcel Proust

Love adventures begin in champagne and end in chamomile. ~ Valery Larbaud

Getting hurt is often the only way. ~ Franco La Cecla

Each one carries within himself like a small cemetery of those he loved. ~ Romain Rolland

Why is loss the measure of love? ~ Jeanette Winterson

Loving is so short, and forgetting so long. ~ Pablo Neruda

To love something you have to realize that we can lose it. ~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Never say goodbye because goodbye is leaving and leaving is forgetting. ~ JM Barrie

Sometimes good things fall apart for better things to happen. ~ Marilyn Monroe

Love is a brief pleasure, accompanied by a century of pain. ~ Francois Des Rues

My love lies bleeding. ~ Thomas Campbell

The love that could die was not love. ~ Berthold Auerbach

Rekindling a love is like relighting a cigarette. Tobacco is poisoned; love, too. ~ Gabriele D'Annunzio

You become so deaf when the fear of losing you overcomes the need to hold back. ~ Chiara Gamberale

It is almost always the fault of those who love not to understand each other when they no longer love each other. ~ François de La Rochefoucauld

The hardest thing is not the first kiss, but the last. ~ pablo geraldy

Dates for when they separate: 81 to 100

Who loves less does not love more. ~ Joseph roux

Love is like a cigarette: if it goes out, you can light it again, but it doesn't taste the same anymore. ~ Arthur Bloch

Of all the objects of hate, a woman who was once loved is the most hateful. ~ Max Beerbohm

The fine rain jumps on the sidewalks, boredom and you, you look but you don't see that it's over and only photographs remain between your fingers. ~ Claudio Baglioni

True love stories never end. ~ Richard Bach

It's hard to sit next to you and not kiss you. ~ Francis Scott Fitzgerald

I am afraid that one day, after missing each other so much, we will wonder if we could really do something instead of missing each other without doing anything. ~ julia carcasi

How to finish, how to close - it is about this and certainly not about how to start or open something, that those who live modern liquid life urgently need instructions. ~ Zygmunt Bauman

  ~ Go- I said, and in three letters was the ocean.-Giulia Carcasi

In love, you can only be disappointed in yourself. When you are disappointed in others, there is no love left. ~ fernand auwera

If you love someone, you will never lose them completely. ~ Ernest Hemingway

Don't cry for a man who left you, the neighbor can fall in love with your smile. ~ Mae West

It is in the separation that you feel and understand the strength with which you love. ~ Fëdor Dostoevskij

Love is this: the possibility of losing. ~ Jean-Claude Izzo

There was a single clear star in the rosy sky, a boat said goodbye disconsolately, and I felt in my throat the Gordian knot of all the loves that could have been and were not. ~ Gabriel García Márquez

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. ~ Del Dr. Seuss

When it comes to love, people sometimes behave stupidly. Maybe they're taking the wrong path, but they're still trying. You have to worry when those who love you no longer hurt you, because it means that they have stopped trying or that you have stopped caring. ~ Alexander of Avenia

I believe that at certain times we can only survive if the heart dies. ~ Maria Estela Conte

It is difficult to suddenly recover from a love that has lasted a long time. ~ Gaius Valerius Catullus

I think that in the end all life is nothing more than an act of separation, but what generates more pain is not taking a moment for a fair goodbye. ~ From the movie Life of Pi

Aphorisms for when they separate: 101 to 120

When a love ends, even the memory of it is lost. ~ Pedro Calderon de la Barca

When you love, even the soda tastes like champagne; when you don't love each other anymore, even champagne tastes like soda. ~ roberto gervaso

The great theme of life is the pain we cause others, and the most ingenious metaphysics does not justify the man who ripped out the heart of the one who loved him. ~ Frederic Beigbede

Is there, perhaps, a more illusory feeling than love? ~ Emilie du Chatelet

It is easier to understand when love begins than when it ends. ~ roberto gervaso

Anyone who has ever loved bears a scar. ~ alfredo the must

Even the horns can be forgiven the woman you love; who she no longer loves, she does not forgive even a salty soup. ~ Vittorio Buttafava

To think that I do not have, to feel that I have lost it. Feeling the immense night, more immense without her. ~ Pablo Neruda

I would like to capture your heart and your feelings, play with them and then abandon them, as you did with me. ~ Oscar Wilde

Love usually lasts only until the moment when it begins to become reasonable and grounded in something. ~ Alphonse Karr

Love runs to meet love with the joy with which schoolchildren flee from their books; but the love that must be separated from love has the sad face of schoolchildren when they return to school. ~ William Shakespeare

Love does not begin or end as we think. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is growth. ~ James A Baldwin

When a love ends, one of the two suffers. If no one is suffering, it never started. If both suffer, it never ends. ~ Marilyn Monroe

He kept his gaze fixed on Hervé Joncour's lips, as if they were the last lines of a farewell letter. ~ Alessandro Baricco

Lying kills love, someone said. What about sincerity, then? ~ Abel Hermant

If unhappy is the lover who invokes kisses whose flavor he does not know, a thousand times more unhappy is the one who barely tasted that flavor and then it was denied him. ~ Italo Calvino

Years of love were forgotten in a minute of hate. ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Lies kill love. Sincerity even more. ~ Arthur Bloch

The fine rain jumps on the sidewalks / boredom of the mosque and you look but you don't see / that it's over and only photographs remain between your fingers. ~ Claudio Baglioni

It was over, she was sorry it was over, but love had failed. A sense of betrayal washed over me, betrayal because a relationship, in which I had invested so much, had been declared bankrupt without my realizing it. ~ Alain de Botton

Phrases For When They Break: 121 to 140

Love is born from nothing and dies from everything. ~ Alphonse Karr

I don't think I'll see her again. I will never be able to see her, hear her, touch her, hug her, hear her; I will no longer laugh with her, I will not wait for the sound of her footsteps, I will not smile when I hear her open the door, I will not fit her body into mine, mine into hers. ~ Julian Barnes

Love is born from memory, lives from intelligence and dies from oblivion. ~ Ramón Llull

A love story ends only after we have closed all the accounts, only after we have been able to answer the various whys. Sometimes this doesn't happen for a variety of reasons, so the story remains open and swallows the rest of your existence. ~ Philip Alosi

Never regret it: if it went well it's wonderful, if it went badly it's experience. ~ Leonor Burford

Winning a girl's soul is an art, knowing how to get rid of her is a masterpiece. ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Whoever has lost love knows that he is abandoned by everyone, and therefore despises all comfort. ~ Theodor Adorno

I was so close to you that I am cold next to others. ~ Paul Eluard

I went down, giving you my arm, at least a million steps and now that you're gone, there's a void on every step. ~ Eugenio Montale

By the way, I loved you. I'm telling you now because it doesn't matter anymore. ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Hell is the suffering of not being able to love anymore. ~ Fëdor Dostoevskij

The moment you stop to think about whether or not you love a person, you already have the answer. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zafón

It is difficult to leave a love that has lasted a long time. ~ Gaius Valerius Catullus

Getting to know each other, knowing each other, loving each other and then parting is the sad story of many hearts. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The failure of the relationship is almost always a failure of communication. ~ Zygmunt Bauman

Why love if when it ends it causes us so much pain? We like to know that we are not alone. ~ C.S. Lewis

True love thinks in the moment and eternity, never in duration. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

When she leaves you because she has found two more beautiful eyes than yours, other hands to hold, another mouth to kiss... don't hate her, but remember the times you spent together and thank her... because she gave you a little of her life. ~ Jim Morrison

It is the emptiest and yet the fullest of all human messages: "Goodbye." ~ Kurt vonnegut

In my heart I had the thorn of a passion, I managed to remove it and now I no longer feel my heart. ~ fabio will

Aphorisms for when they separate: 141 to 160

You were the last dream of my soul. ~ Charles Dickens

The failure of the relationship is almost always a failure of communication. ~ Zygmund Bauman

It is hard, no doubt, not to be loved more when you love; but nothing compared to being loved when you don't love anymore. ~ Georges Courteline

Love and flowers last only one spring. ~ Ronsard Stone

What I miss about him is me when I was with him. ~ Chiara Gamberale

You are right to go. Me too, if I could, I'd break up. ~ Monster Antoni

Who knows if one day, looking into the eyes of those who will take you after me, you will look for something that belongs to me. ~ Pablo Neruda

I went down, giving you my arm, at least a million steps and now that you're gone there's a void at every step. ~ Eugenio Montale

We live to always say goodbye. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Now that I've lost you, I know I've lost everything. Despite this, I cannot allow you to disappear from my life and forget me without knowing that I do not hold a grudge against you, that from the beginning I felt that I would lose you and that you would never see in me what I saw in you. I want you to know that I have loved you from day one and that I still love you, now more than ever, even if you don't hear it. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zafón

We broke up before he broke up with us, so our love would never end; He wanted to have you and only then did I achieve it, when I realized that he was there to lose you... ~ Claudio Baglioni

When love dies, one wonders how it was born. ~ roberto gervaso

In love, you can only be disappointed in yourself. When you are disappointed in others, there is no love left. ~ fernando auwera

I feel like my heart is being cut with a fine-toothed saw. ~ Simone de Beauvoir

Why does it take a minute to say hello and always to say goodbye? ~ Authorless

If someone leaves it's because another will come - I'll find love again. ~ Paulo Coelho

Stop loving: here is a sensitive proof that man is imperfect and that the heart has its limits. ~ Jean de La Bruyère

Perhaps they have loved each other since that terrible moment when they felt the impossibility of their love. Now they love each other because they already separated. ~ Muelle Vittorio Tondelli

I wrote the goodbye letter to my love now that I love her. For when will it happen: if a love is so beautiful, it well deserves a goodbye full of love~ anna_wild, Twitter

No one approaches a broken heart without the high privilege of having suffered the same. ~ Emily Dickinson

Dates for when they separate: 161 to 180

Don't be depressed because your wife left you: you will find another and she will leave you too. ~ Charles Bukowski

You miss even the bad moments of a finished love, even the unhappiness. ~ Ivan Cotroneo

An old love is like a grain of sand in the eye, which always haunts us. ~ Voltaire

The beginning of love is often simultaneous. Not so the end: from this are born the tragedies. ~ Alejandro Morandotti

The stories do not end until we have closed all the accounts, until we have put a stop to it with our heads or our hearts. ~ Clara Sanchez

Love is like war: easy to start, but hard to stop. ~ Henry Louis Mencken

The human heart is indestructible. Just imagine that it is broken. Actually, it is the spirit that receives the real blow. But the spirit is also strong, and if you wish, you can always bring it back. ~ Henry Miller

With each goodbye you learn.
And you learn that love is not leaning on someone
and fellowship is not security.
And you start to learn that kisses don't contract
and gifts are not promises.
~ Jorge Louis Borges

Things break all the time.
Cups, plates, nails.
The promise.
The hearts.
~ Jodi Lynn Picoult

Kisses that come laughing,
soon they run away crying,
and in them life goes,
that will never come back
~ miguel de unamuno

you were my girl
And knew all your fears
What a joy it was to have you in my arms
and kiss your tears, but now
you are gone there is only pain and nothing
I can do and I don't want to live
this life if I can't live it with you.
~ Sid Vicious

To think that I have not done it, to feel that I have lost it.
Feeling the immense night, more immense without her.
~ Pablo Neruda

I really keep it
whatever happens:
I'm sorry when I suffer the most:
It is better to have loved and lost
That I never loved.
~ Lord Tennyson

When a love ends, one of the two suffers.
If no one suffers, it never started.
If both suffer, it never ends.
~ Marilyn Monroe

You are but a memory.
You went through my memory.
Now yes, I can say that you belong to me
and something has happened between us
It's all over, so ecstatic!
rushed and smooth
time caught us.
Of fleeting moments weaved a story
hermetically sealed and sad.
We had to know that love
burns life and makes time fly.
~ Vincenzo Cardarelli

A separation is like an amputation: you survive, but you lose a part of yourself. ~ Margaret Atwood

Loving and winning is the best. Love and lose, the one that immediately follows. ~ William Makepeace Thackeray

I never should have left! I should have guessed the affection behind his poor tricks. Flowers are so contradictory! But I was too young to know how to love her. ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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