Phrases for when I'm tired of everything and everyone

Phrases for when I'm tired of everything and everyone

A collection of phrases and aphorisms for when a girl thinks “I'm tired of everything and everyone”. We hope that in this collection of phrases there is one that is capable of encouraging you.

70 phrases for when I'm tired of everything and everyone

Hi, I'm Lara and I'm part of the Fervida Inspiration Team. For some time I have been writing articles for the newsroom and today I was asked to put together a collection of phrases for when I get tired of everything and everyone. These phrases can encourage you and push you forward, or bring you even closer. The choice is yours. Enjoy the reading!

NB: the sentences have been put in order of length, from the shortest to the longest.

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Phrases for when I am tired of everything and everyone: from 1 to 20

I'm tired of being tired~ Authorless

I'll make him angry too. ~ Twitter

The only real sweetness is fatigue. ~ Anselmo Bucci

Giving doesn't tire me. It's hard not to get anything.

The worst tiredness is that of the soul. ~ Authorless

I like to surrender to fatigue. ~ orporick, Twitter

I am sick and tired of being sick. ~ Fannie Lou Hamer

We get tired of everything, even being loved. ~ André Maurois

The floor is just a worn roof. ~ Comeprincipe, Twitter

I wake up tired because I have farsightedness. ~ eldigote, Twitter

Old age: tiredness that rest does not eliminate. ~ Carlos Gragnani

Life is a long process towards fatigue. ~ Samuel butler

When God created man, he was already tired. This explains a lot of things. ~ Mark Twain

Too broken to sleep, too tired to stay awake. ~ Authorless

Working tired, but doing nothing is even more tired. ~ roberto gervaso

Each greater possession loads us with a new weariness. ~ John Ruskin

I get tired of myself too, let alone everything else. ~ cchiara3, Twitter

The conclusion is where you got tired of thinking. ~ Arthur Bloch

Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done. ~ Marilyn Monroe

She was tired, of that tiredness that can only give emptiness. ~ Paolo Giordano

Phrases for when I am tired of everything and everyone: from 21 to 40

What we need is to love without getting tired. ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

We get tired of everything because, after all, nothing is as we would like. ~ roberto gervaso

Today I have a nice dark shade of tiredness under my eyes. ~ Authorless

It is not true that you get used to it, you are simply more and more tired. ~ Charles Bukowski

Because at a certain point you get tired of giving 1000 to someone who can only count to 100. ~ Authorless

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before being tired. ~ Jules Renard

Man was created at the end of a work week, when God was tired. ~ Mark Twain

When you are tired, it is a sign that you are almost at the end of your battle. ~ Authorless

The more man has abundantly what he needs, the more tired he becomes. ~ George Bernard Shaw

If Christ had had my tiredness, he would have already stopped towards Frosinone ~ azael, Twitter

You never tire of doing evil; it is to do good that one tires easily. ~ Pino caruso

There are only the pursued and the pursuers, the busy and the tired. ~ Francis Scott Fitzgerald

We get tired of others, but the idea that others can get tired of us offends us. ~ roberto gervaso

A conclusion is sometimes just a way you're tired of thinking. ~ fabrizio caramagna

When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas that we acquired long ago. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of the hard work you have done. ~ Newt Gingrich

Men marry because they are tired. Women because they are curious. They are both disappointed. ~ Oscar Wilde

Sadness - fatigue that penetrates the soul - Fatigue - sadness that penetrates the flesh. ~ Christian Bobin

At fifty you start to get tired of the world and at sixty the world gets tired of you. ~ Axel Oxenstierna

If you're not already exhausted and a little anxious early in the morning, you're probably not an adult. ~ alexa1163, Gorjeo

Phrases for when I am tired of everything and everyone: from 41 to 60

Tiredness is a child that still sleeps on me with clenched fists and heavy breathing. ~ fabrizio caramagna

To get out of bed I had to make so much effort that I went back to sleep from exhaustion. ~ m4gny, Twitter

When the will is tense in all its strength, the first appearance of fatigue must impose rest. ~ paolo mantegazza

Being a sex symbol is a heavy burden to carry, especially when you are tired, hurt, and bewildered. ~ Marilyn Monroe

Tired, tired of nothing, tired of everything, tired of the weight of the world she hadn't chosen to bear. ~ Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Tiredness can be ruthless and harsh, but sometimes it has a sweetness that leaves you helpless and tells you who you are. ~ fabrizio caramagna

Good eye health seems to claim a horizon. We are never tired as long as we can look far enough. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yesterday: tired Today: tired Tomorrow: tired Next week: tired Next month: tired Next year: tired Next life: tired ~ Ted_ita, Twitter

Thousands of tired, nervous and civilized people begin to discover that going to the mountains is like coming home; the wild is a must. ~ John Muir

There is no royal road to science, and only those who are not afraid to tire themselves along its steep paths have a chance to reach its luminous peaks. ~ Karl Marx

We may be tired, tired, and emotionally upset, but after spending time alone with God, we find that He injects energy, power, and strength into our body. ~ charles stanley

I was born tired. I sleep in the morning. I sleep in the afternoon. I sleep at night. I'm sleepy even when I sleep. The dream as the only certainty, as a soulmate, as a lifestyle. ~ masa78, Twitter

Because when you get tired, but you get very tired, you don't threaten, you don't warn, you don't pray, you don't wait, you don't run, you don't chase, you don't look, you don't care anymore, and you stop: closed, off, dark, curtain, point. ~ FullMoonInTDark, Twitter

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. He dies of blindness and mistakes and betrayals. It dies of sickness and wounds, it dies of weariness, weariness, or dullness. ~ Anais nin

There is a weariness of abstract intelligence, which is the most frightening of wearinesses. It is not as heavy as the weariness of the body, nor as restless as the weariness of emotional knowledge. It is a weight of the conscience of the world, a not being able to breathe with the soul. ~ Fernando Pessoa,

The alarm clock, the tram, the four hours of office or workshop, breakfast, the tram, the four hours of work, dinner, sleep... this path is followed without difficulty most of the time. Only one day the 'why' arises and everything begins in a tiredness tinged with astonishment. ~ Albert Camus


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