Is the partner caring?

Is the partner caring?

Those who truly love, care about the other and want to take care of them. These clues help to understand if the partner cares about us.

Is the partner caring?

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Last update: July 30, 2022

How to tell if the partner is caring? Many will answer that "it is understood". However, the doubts remain and we do nothing but try to decipher situations and details that are not really significant.

For example, it is useless to be told "I love you" if the partner shows no interest in how our day went or what makes us sad.

Loving is not just being with someone: it is making you feel that you are close with your body, mind and heart. To love means to take care of the other person and, above all, to show sincere concern for the other and knowing how to respond to his needs. Few jobs require more attention and commitment.

Sometimes due to stress and work commitments we do not give our partner the attention we should, but there must always be collaboration. We have to support each other during difficult times. Loving is a profession made up of full-time attention and dedication that we cannot neglect.

9 ways to tell if your partner is caring

A happy and fulfilling relationship is built on multiple dimensions that actually go far beyond love. In addition to affection, there must be empathy, the ability to reach agreements, the same values, complicity, understanding, etc.

An essential pillar in the relationship is undoubtedly sensitivity and the ability to respond to the needs of the other.

This dimension has long been the subject of scientific research. For example, the University of Rochester (New York) conducted a study with which to present a scale that could henceforth help us evaluate this relational ability.

The established elements can help us understand if the partner cares about us and if they respond to our needs. A topic that certainly interests everyone. So let's try to understand and deepen the factors that form the basis of a couple's happiness.

1. Active listening and honesty

Active listening makes us feel considered and loved. With it we know that whoever we have in front of us is receptive not only to the message we send them, but also to the emotions we transmit. Real listening indicates interest, empathy and obviously concern.

2. Real interest in the partner's thoughts and feelings

How to understand if the partner has a real interest in them? There are many ways to find out. First of all, if he is interested in what we say, if he remembers it, he acts accordingly and it proves it even in the small everyday details.

Likewise, if he takes our opinions into consideration and acts on them. Last, but not least, if it is in tune with our feelings, takes them into consideration and seeks our well-being in all circumstances.

3. The partner is considerate if he tries to understand our point of view

To understand if the partner really cares about us, we will need to determine if they show genuine empathy towards us. Is he able to put himself in our shoes to understand why we feel a certain way? Can he appreciate our reality and our point of view?

Although there is neither the perfect person nor the ideal love, the authentic understanding of those who are capable of taking us into consideration cannot be lacking at all times and circumstances.

4. Attention to needs

It's not enough for the partner to know we've had a bad day, he has to knowing how to act and show the will to make the other feel good. It is always possible to promote the well-being of the couple as far as possible.

5. The caring partner takes concerns seriously

To know if the partner is caring, we need to pay attention to his words and behaviors. When before every request, need or comment he says “this is nonsense, you worry about nothing”, it is evident that the relationship is not on the right path.

Likewise, if instead of taking seriously what worries or hurts you, he chooses to focus on himself, then there is clearly a problem.

6. When he makes a decision, he takes us into account

In a couple relationship, both parties are allowed to make personal decisions. However, it is necessary that every step taken is consensual, taking into account the opinion of the other.

If, for example, we want to get a promotion at work and that means spending several days a week away from home, it is good to understand what the partner thinks.

7. Consider our feelings

Respect for the emotional reality of the other is a fundamental pillar of any couple relationship. So, to know if your partner is caring, it is also important to evaluate how she makes you feel. Emotional respect offers security and strengthens self-esteem and relationship.

8. The caring partner is interested in simple, everyday things

Love is attention and interest. This interest isn't just about knowing whether or not the partner has had a bad day.

Everyday life must also be observed: if he slept well, if the series we have just started is to his liking or if there is a hint of concern on his face that we do not know the origin.

9. The caring partner makes us understand that we are his priority

To love means to prioritize in many aspects. It is important to feel this day by day. We are not talking about the obsession with neglecting by focusing solely on the loved one.

It consists in realizing that the other has us at heart, that he puts us first in the face of many things, that he chooses us every day and in most circumstances. This undoubtedly allows for building a bond through trust and offers that security that allows you to advance in happiness and balance.

Let's take these clues into consideration and not just check them out in the partner. On the contrary, let's make them ours and put them into practice.

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