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    Graduating on time or with high marks?

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    Being able to graduate in time is undoubtedly one of the most heartfelt goals by university students: the sooner you finish your studies, the sooner you can do it professionally.

    Yet, despite being a very desirable goal, it is not at all easy to achieve: graduating late or failing to graduate are scenarios that many students - unfortunately - have to deal with.

    There is often a doubt that we could define Hamlet and that afflicts university students: it's best to graduate on time or with high grades? The doubt arises from the belief that for to be able to graduate in time is necessary to sacrifice the grade point average. Now this may be true up to a point, but broadly speaking it is absolutely possible to combine a good average with regular study times. E you don't need to be a "genius"! Let's dispel this taboo: I have met several successful students who are defined as "geniuses". The analysis of their success would show, however, that they are just ordinary people who have discovered and applied certain rules that have allowed them to graduate on time and with high marks. Anyone has a potential genius in them based on their preferences, their innate character and their ambitions. I would say that the closest quality to university genius is the desire to graduate brilliantly, accompanied by a good one university study method and a lot of willpower. He who knows exactly what he wants and is strongly determined to get it is very close to my concept of "genius". It has above-average probability of success and when it reaches it others celebrate it and attribute - erroneously - its achievements to an alleged "genius". In short, everyone can be successful in college!

    Therefore, study well at university and be able to graduate on time preserving a high grade point average, they first require the adoption of an adequate one university study method; clearly the method must be supported by motivational factors (primarily the desire to emerge) that encourage maximum personal commitment and keep boredom or listlessness away. In University Student Memorandum I deepen the subject by explaining how to develop a winning study method and finding the right amount of motivation to be able to graduate in time.

    Graduate on time or with high grades: you can find a meeting point

    In any case, it is clear that if the primary goal is to graduate on time, you cannot always get the highest marks; but you can certainly still have a very good average. I think that trying to finish university as soon as possible is really of fundamental importance: university education is only one intermediate stage for its own realization; it certainly cannot be the ultimate goal that a person has in life. Studying a lot to risk going out of course is counterproductive: reaching the age of 28 to graduate with 110 cum laude is not really an effective strategy to enter the job market. Rather: better to graduate at 21 (three-year degree) or at 23 (specialist degree) with a lower grade and "jump into the fray immediately".

    See, in real life the Graduation grade doesn't matter much; counts ability you have to make use of the knowledge acquired in order to achieve the professional goals you have set for yourself. To be educated, therefore, does not simply mean possessing a wealth of knowledge. What makes you truly educated is there practice. This is why it is important graduate on time and start working early. Of course, having too low a grade point average could preclude some opportunities: some competitions, in fact, require a minimum degree grade as a requirement. Now, if you want to be sure you are not precluding anything, the ideal would be that you manage to graduate with at least 105 out of 110. Only set this voting goal if you are sure you want to participate in determined and selected competitions. However, keep in mind that the minimum degree mark requirement for participation in public administration competitions is no longer required. So, do not struggle to achieve voting goals; just focus on the time aspect trying to graduate on time.

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