Want to study at university: how to find it immediately

Want to study at university: how to find it immediately

"Want to study at university jump on me!" Which student hasn't occasionally spoken these words? I believe the fateful syndrome of zero desire to study at university is quite frequent. I can assure you that those who excel in college also have gods periods in which there is no way to rediscover the desire to study (in another article I have already told you about difficulty studying at university).

But why don't you want to study at university?

First of all, whatever the specific underlying reason it is always a motivational aspect. The desire or not to study it does not relate to one's own preparation: everyone can be successful in college; it is simply a matter of equipping yourself with a good one university study method. Now, established that you can certainly pass any university exam, because you get stuck letting yourself get bored with studying? Let's see it in the specific.

How to rediscover the desire to study at university if the choice of the degree course was wrong

One possible cause it could be that you have enrolled in a degree course for which you are not suited. Each of us has our own naturals inclinations; so, ask yourself if what you study (or what you hope to become thanks to your future degree) you are really passionate about. University enrollment is not always preceded by uadequate orientation phase: sometimes one is superficial in this phase, sometimes one enrolls at the university out of "curiosity". There are also cases in which a specific degree program is chosen only to meet the expectations of a parent. What to study at university is a serious life choice: carefully evaluate what you really want, what interests you and what you believe can best value you. You are the one who has to decide what to do with your life; not the others! If you are at the beginning of a degree program and you realize that it is not for you, you can always change! Better to lose a year - alas - than risk never graduating.

How to regain the desire to study at university if the performance is poor

Sometimes the the desire to study at university fails because we are grieved for a performance that does not live up to one's expectations. If you look at your university booklet and you get depressed, you want it because you took a few exams, you want it because the grades you got are low (or maybe both), you can find the right amount of motivation and self-confidence simply by improving your results. Frustration and complaints cannot change your situation; then don't "wrap yourself up" for useless mental ruminations. Rather get busy immediately! Choose an exam that you find easier to prepare and pass, because it concerns a topic you like, because it is shorter than the others or because the professor is not very demanding ... The important thing is to get back on track soon! You'll see that by taking a satisfactory grade, you will begin to regain lost motivation: it is a chain reaction where one success gives impetus to the next. There positive feeling what will come of it it will prepare you mentally better towards studying and this, in turn, will encourage you to continue your university career with more lightness and enthusiasm.

How to regain the desire to study at university if distractions have taken over

The university is a commitment that requires you to always be "on the spot". This means that one should not be distracted by external events or emotional changes that could distract you from studying, affecting your ability to stay focused on university goals. There desire to study at university can, therefore, be rediscovered if the distracting factors are eliminated: try to accelerate the removal from your life of any source of destabilization. Don't make the mistake of waiting for things to "fix or go away on their own." You must be the one to take the reins of your university life (and not): Did they involve you in projects that waste your time? Learn to say no to anyone who intends to distract you from studying. If you have a daily study goal, stick to it; after reaching it you will have the time to devote yourself to any other activity (in another article, among the tips for studying at university, I have already told you about the importance of setting goals). The important thing is to set priorities and respect them. If you start to devote yourself to anything other than studying you could also risk not feeling like a student anymore, which would distance you more and more - even unconsciously - from the university.

How to regain the desire to study if you simply get bored of opening books

Let's face it: sometimes you don't study because you simply feel apathetic. Often one indulges in laziness and thus postpones the start of the study program, waiting for a phantom and future inspiration. One thing you can do in these cases it is first and foremost to create an ideal study environment: if you are always "thrown" on a sofa or if there is a "mess" around you (continuous "comings and goings" or noise) it is difficult regain the desire to study. Seek yourself your own space, where you can study in peace and without getting too lazy. Don't have smartphones or other distractions with you; surround yourself only with study material. Once you have carved out the physical space to study, do a motivational reflection and visualization exercise. Rather than thinking about how boring studying is, think about the rewards you will have once you graduate. Exams are only a means to your goal: to graduate. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you reach success? Then focus on this positive feeling by visualizing yourself on graduation day. Also consider this: when you study an exam you are building your working future; therefore be mature! Don't deal with it by snorting, rather perceive its benefits in terms of quality of future life.

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