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Un university study method undoubtedly represents it the most effective, profitable and useful tool that a student who intends to be successful at university can equip himself with.

Effective college study method - that's why it's so important

The problem is that we hardly ever prepare ourselves on this aspect so that we pass from high school to university education without worrying about acquiring an effective university study method, but relying mostly on improvisation, convinced that, once inside the "system", one will understand how to best approach studies. It is evident that with such an approach the difficulty studying at university and university crises are always around the corner!

It is a "fatal" error what causes poor performance (low grades), waste of time (inevitably we slow down with taking exams) or even abandonment of studies. I graduated with honors with a specialist degree in "Management for companies"; yet my freshman life wasn't easy at all. I do not hide that I had difficulties in taking the exams (I gave few and the grades were not always up to my expectations). So, rather than demoralizing and complaining unnecessarily, I began to analyze the problem in depth by asking myself what I should have done in practice to study faster, memorize better, take more exams and get better grades; in short, in the end I found myself ad to conceive, develop and perfect a real university study method, which would allow me to be successful in college.

Il university study method I created it turned out effective and immediate implementation as it was not the result of theoretical notions of dubious applicability; but it was born thanks to a extremely pragmatic approach aimed at giving concrete answers to all those common questions that students ask themselves.

Il university study method which I began to rely on has become over time a kind of ritual which I have always adhered to, which it made me disciplined and organized. I was able to acquire an excellent ability to focus on studying, eliminating a number of distracting external factors and internal emotional states that cause anxiety and limiting fears. In conclusion, having an effective university study method not only served me from a purely operational point of view (e.g. planning of daily study volume and memorization techniques), but also from a motivational point of view, since the university is a path that puts a strain, in addition to preparation, also the mental stamina of the student. Therefore, if you're not properly motivated, you don't get very far (in the university as well as in life).

Study: a tool for building one's freedom, education of ingenuity and creativity at work, but above all a privileged opportunity to understand life.

Enrico Palandri

An effective university study method allows students to stop trial and error, throwing himself blindly, but provides a clear sequence of operational steps to be taken and the resolution of all possible problems that you might have to deal with since first day of university. The university dynamics, in fact, are numerous, but with a well thought-out method it is possible to govern them all.

An effective university study method: what it consists of

Having a effective university study method it means:

  • Plan your own daily study program setting yourself goals
  • Share the study more repeat sessions to store meglio
  • Improve the concentration in the study
  • Win anxiety and prevent memory lapses
  • Know exactly how long to study each day, at what times and in what places
  • Being able to do perfectly coexist social life, exercise and other activities (associations or part-time jobs) with the studio academic
  • Avoid running aground and how to acquire the ability to resume studying if you are already stuck
  • Retrieve university exams backlog
  • Finding the right dose of motivationwant to study at university
  • Know which courses should be followed and how take notes well
  • Se it is always advisable to study alone or it can be useful too study in a group
  • To manage to graduate on time
  • Addressing the thesis knowing how to choose the professor, the subject, write the thesis and discuss it expressing all one's potential
  • Getting to know gods practical tricks to overcome with cunning momentary impasses (I also talk about it in the article dedicated to tips for studying at university)
  • Know exactly which ones mistakes to avoid immediately after graduating
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