An infallible university study method

An infallible university study method

Un study method for the university it represents the best "equipment" that a university student can equip himself with. Having a study method for the university it consists, in fact, in facing a university career with approach strategic.

Strategy is a smart, planned way of getting what you want; there are those who define strategies for their own success and those who rely on improvisation. Now, I don't think you can approach college blindly or by adapting the study method you inherited from high school.

University study is very different from high school study: first of all, there is no need to prepare the day before for the day after and therefore there is no short-term assignment of tasks by the teachers. It is the student who must autonomously define your own study plan and find the right amount of motivation to respect what was planned. Having a plan to follow is not enough in itself to ensure that it is adhered to; it is necessary to be disciplined knowing how to "impose" the rules to follow.

But how many university students are concerned first with having a study method for the university? Really few! Some think that relying on a study method for the university is something optional, a kind of "surplus" or "icing on the cake". But that's not the case at all! Having a university study method should be as essential as having the material to study! Only combining the material to be studied with an appropriate study method for the university it is possible, in fact, to succeed in successfully pursue a degree course and face all possible difficulties.

I have devised a study method for the university absolutely revolutionary, practical and of immediate implementation. It doesn't matter what your current performance is, through the method I have developed you will be able to successfully pass the exams and graduate on time.

Mine study method for the university good for law, engineering, psychology, economics, medicine, mathematics or any other degree program. It is, in fact, a universal study method that all university students can put into practice right away, both in science and in the humanities. There is only one mandatory requirement: being able to commit to following step by step what I am presenting in University Student Memorandum. If you do exactly what it says you will be surprised to see immediate improvements.

How was my university study method born?

Il study method for the university that I created was born thanks to a extremely pragmatic approach. After consulting a series of books and guides on the subject, I realized that many tips were difficult to apply in my real university life and that there were many theoretical notions. I have read publications of many pages that never seemed to get to the "then" since they limited themselves to providing generic inputs. So I began to analyze my direct experience: I was a university student and I wanted to improve my performance. I asked myself a series of questions like: if i want to study faster and not go off course what should i do? If I want to get higher grades, what should I do differently? In short, I asked myself common and practical questions that any university student asks himself! I then tried to find effective and direct answers to my questions and thus a real study method was born for the university. In University Student Memorandum I expose my method through a clear and concise language walking straight to the point without unnecessary digressions; all condensed into 50 pages. Also, the beauty is that my method has nothing to do with the usual techniques - now "trite and old" - of memorizing, learning and quick reading; but it is absolutely new and innovative. Therefore, don't you think it's worth finding out?

Here's what you'll find in my college study method:

  • I 3 essential steps to perform in an extraordinary way in studies and be able to memorize at best: 1. How to plan the amount of daily study; 2. What are the repeat sessions e how to manage them; 3. Come to study concretely (step by step) and imprint the arguments in one's mind.
  • As prevent anxiety and avoid the classic lapses of memory.
  • Precautions on the day of the exam and how to react based on the outcome.
  • How long a day you need to study.
  • When is it best to study: during which times of the day.
  • Study breaks: how to fill them and how often to do them.
  • What to do if you stay backlog in the studio.
  • Where is it best to study: what are the ideal places.
  • Studying in a group: when it is useful and when, instead, it is counterproductive.
  • In which cases it is worthwhile take courses? How to choose which ones to follow? And how take notes?
  • What to do for do not get stuck in the studies and how unlock in case, instead, you are already blocked.
  • University and work: can they coexist?
  • "Unethical" advice (but very practical and effective) to successfully pass any exam (especially if you are stuck).
  • Everything that has to do with the thesis: such as choose the subject and the teacher; whether to choose one compilative or experimental thesis; how to proceed in writing of the thesis; and how to deal with it discussion.
  • - most common mistakes that students do after graduation e how to avoid them.

So good read and good luck in your exams!

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