3 tips for studying at university successfully

3 tips for studying at university successfully

Today I intend to provide you with a series of tips for studying at university in order to allow you to pass exams successfully. “I can't study at university” is a frustrating thought that often plagues students, but with adequate university study method it can surely be replaced by positive and constructive thoughts. See, breaking down is useless; you have to know how to face difficulties for be successful in college (as well as in any other area of ​​life).

Tips for studying at university

Set yourself goals

3 tips for studying at university successfullyAmong the tips for studying at university that's what I think "basic". You need to know exactly what they are your short and medium-long term goals. I suggest you to establish a daily study plan: concretely it means know the exact number of pages to study each day. In University Student Memorandum I explain step by step how to calculate the amount of daily study based on the overall material of which the program is composed: one thing is to study only books, another is to study some notes; still another is having to study both a book and notes. In addition to short-term goals, you also need to set medium to long-term goals. Define, therefore, how many and which exams you intend to take in the next exam session and throughout the academic year; is what courses you will take (in mlinger I also talk about how to choose the courses to follow). Create a real college goal sheet and always keep it handy: Even just looking at it will encourage you to stay focused on the activities you have planned.

Keeping oneself in the ideal psycho-physical condition

Among the tips for studying at university is that more underrated. Being well both physically and psychologically prepares you in the ideal condition to excel in university studies. As for physical fitness, it is scientifically proven that sporting activity improves cognitive abilities. Then, fto sports regularly. Sleep is also important: try to sleep 8 hours a night and don't stay too late at night: the ideal, in fact, would be that I studied early in the morning so as not to finish late and have the afternoon and evening free to pursue your hobbies, social life and any other activities. This will have positive implications also on a psychological level: isolating oneself and studying alone is, in fact, frustrating and not good for the spirit. In University Student Memorandum I divulge a study method allowing combining university life and social life without one going to the detriment of the other. In any case, it is important that you succeed - where you can - ad remove any distraction and emotional destabilization factors, since the university is a commitment that should always be faced with a free mind and without the "burden" of other tasks or problems.

Become a "smart" student

Among the tips for studying at university e be able to graduate in time is that for sure less disclosed. Let's talk clearly and without any veil of hypocrisy: a bit of healthy cunning, in the university career as well as in every other aspect of life, does not hurt at all. Therefore do not sleep"; rather be "awake"! For example, even the knowing how to "negotiate" with university colleagues can help you to collect useful and practical information: questions that a professor usually asks during the exam, which optional exams are easier to prepare or which professor should ask to be the supervisor of their thesis. In University Student Memorandum I have dedicated a chapter to those unethical but very pragmatic advice which might help you solve with a decidedly simple and immediate approach all those critical issues whose resolution usually requires a enormous waste of energy and resources. Sometimes the best strategies come in the form of "gimmicks"!

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